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  • krr711 krr711 May 21, 2013 6:06 PM Flag

    VMW - Need professional direction

    This question is for professional traders with considerable interest and knowledge of VMW. No opinions from amateurs or conmen. I just want the truth from someone who really knows. Why is the stock market so high but VMW is dead. It rallies to 80 them litterally falls back to the low 70's. Why the game? Last year CNBC, Greenberg, and others would have the world believe that GMCR was going bankrupt. Magically, they got a new president from Coke and soon the stock doubled and CNBC could not say enough good about GMCR. Brian Sullivan told me to quit picking on Herb. VMW feels the same way. I mean if the stock can't go up when the market goes up 50 points, when would it go up? Also, when VMW has a #$%$ day, (like about everyday), after the gains of the day have been robbed and it is sitting in its usual negative territory, right after the close, somebody dumps a large block of shares, usually 20-80 thousand shares. Why would these sellers wait until the stock dropped another dollar. And lastly, are we living in the age of the weak stomached CEO? When these stocks are in the toilet, they never say a word. Consider Tim Cook, he has not said a good word about Apple or its stock this year. Today he comments about the alleged tax evasion. Is this all you can say? Where is your inner PR man? Is this where we are at? Is this where VMW is at? Is there nothing good to say? I guess I am asking someone from New York or Israel to give up some secrets. Its too filtered by the time it gets to Indiana. Thank you, Truth Seeker

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    • I can't speak to how the stock behaves, but their hybrid cloud solution is amazing. It will open up a market to VMware that is much larger than just the hardware virtualization market. I was using their 60-day trial version and easily created my own public datacenter that include a web server and a database server. It was trivial to create (took a little over an hour), and I was given a public IP to access it. I also happen to have a personal ESX box at home and I'm in the process of trying to slide the servers over to my "private" network (just to prove it can be done). Ideally, I'd like to move my existing servers running under my ESX over to a public cloud, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. By the way, they just gave a presentation today for the hybrid cloud offering and it's pretty clear the solution does everything I need it to do.

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