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  • lllntkt12345 lllntkt12345 Oct 17, 2013 6:56 PM Flag

    vmw's move after the coming earnings report? Up 10, 15, or 20% OR down ...

    the day before the last earnings report, vmw went up a few percents and the day after it shot up another 18%. this time will be different, vmw has been basting ... there will be 2 cases, take off like a rocket or no new news. the downturn is minimal given all bad news are being factored in the stock price; on the other hand upturn will be the case, this baby will shoot up 20% easily. the management of the vmw like to keep things low key and let the result speaks for itself. i like the odd winning 20+ and losing a few percents. Happy investment and good luck to all including shorts.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • vmw will meet street and outlook will be unclear causing the stock to plunge in AH the writing is on the wall but i am too stupid to sell b4

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      • LOL, then I must be a bigger stupid b/c I am considering buying before earnings. Why buy you may ask? Companies need VMW and while I think the upside is limited based on current valuation, I think the downside is limited even more. Personally, I like the idea of starting a position here and if I get to buy down 15% that would be fantastic. But I think the more realistic scenario is that I buy and it lives in a range of up 25-50% over the next few years before they start paying a sizable divy thanks to all the reoccurring revs that this company will have. At the end of the day I see the growth running out and this turning into a big divy player which is why I think EMC is going to do so well over the next decade. Thoughts?

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