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  • lokodaug lokodaug Aug 2, 2012 10:09 PM Flag

    Well some news


    Wow it has been tough trying to post links tonight....

    Anyhow ----for open minded Investors only -----

    Where to start so much ------

    *********** Teva first

    hGH ---- Real Non speculative news ---- Go to page 19 ---- 10mg hGH end of this year.... Sadly Yahoo would not let me post the link --- it is a PDF

    Georgia Department of Community Health
    Department of Community Health
    2 Peachtree Street - 5th Floor Board Room
    Atlanta, Georgia 30303
    June 21, 2012

    Questions and Answers
    Q: What are considered the advantages of Tev-Tropin?
    A: Needle-free option, 3 formulations (vials, Inject Ease, Tjet needle-free) to meet patient needs, a 10mg formulation should be available later this year, 30% less expensive than others, Growth Solutions program and providers are requesting coverage under Fee-for-Service (FFS) for continuity of care since the care management organizations (CMOs) cover Tev-Tropin as the exclusive growth hormone.

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    • zvic Aug 3, 2012 10:35 PM Flag

      all well and good===tappy and senor=sounds like your money came from 'outside' the market==spare the platitudes==

    • Tappy, my investment in stocks is based on what I believe are the fundamentals. Many people use other basis for buying and selling stocks. This post is not intended to be critical of anyone's method of investing their money. When I take a position in a stock it is because of fundamentals. We all know stocks will swing up and down. I do not attempt to out guess those swings. I have a 15/20 rule. If a stock pulls back 15-20% and the fundamentals are the same, I usually add to the position. And, I have taken my lumps over the years many times.

      Your point on preservation of capital being number one is well taken. On this point, I never use margin, never borrow money to buy a stock, and don't trade options. I'm sure there are people successful in using the above methods. It's just not my cup of tea. I'm a long term buy, and hold, dictated by fundamentals, unless,or until, I see a reason to make a change.
      Atrs is one of the best fundamental, low risk, growth stocks, that I have come across in a long time. I believe we are headed much higher in the next few months. No need for me to go into all the positive reasons for this increase. You, and many others have listed those reasons much better than I could ever attempt. My best to all longs.


    • WHO IS LOCO? Do you mean lokodaug?

    • Thanks Senior:

      I have been thru the mill - investing for many years.
      I have taken my lumps - but always looked back on
      mistakes as paying my tuition - and trying to learn
      from them and not make the same ones twice.

      My most costly mistake was hearing what I wanted to
      hear (not what was sometimes staring me in the face) and
      ignoring "red flags" and excusing them rather than having
      them prompt action.

      My first objective in investing these days is preservation of
      capital - close second is profit. One thing I do have is a long
      time horizon - which is probably due a lot to my experience
      in real estate - dealing with long leases and increased value
      over sometimes many years (but I need to see light at the
      end of the tunnel)..

      I find everything I want in an investment in ATRS - I find it
      safe and almost risk less - and I mean that from both a regulatory
      and a business standpoint. My major fear a few years ago was
      that we were very dependent on TEVA - but seeing the added
      value of Tev-Tropin- the successful Epi Pen litigation outcome-
      and most of all hearing Dr. Wotton describe the TEVA relationship
      as "Phenomenal" in a recent conference call - and knowing how he
      operates - I am totally confident that statement is 100% accurate.

      Now it is a matter of how high can it go - certainly high enough to
      make the time, small risk and hard work of due diligence worth while.
      As many here know - I am confident we will sign major deals - and
      I am somewhere between hopeful and confident for Copaxone - but
      I don't own a share of stock for those reasons - that is merely
      "icing on the cake".
      I owned the stock for a long time - thinking it could rather easily,
      in time trade at $10 based on the royalty income from our licensing
      deals (back then it was all we had) - I still think that is accurate.
      I am now even more excited by MTX and other "in house" initiatives;
      because that removed the lid from what ATRS can earn and puts us
      far more in control of our own destiny - this can super charge the stock -
      it now can go much higher than my original target and with the low cost
      and low risk of MTX - I think we are as safe an investment as ever.

      I look forward to the conference call on Wednesday and am confident
      it will reassure the bulls - give a reason to buy to those on the fence -
      convert the skeptics - and scare the pants (shorts) off the shorts.


    • zvic Aug 3, 2012 4:41 PM Flag

      did you read loco's post? did you figure out what he meant?==antares went to 5.5+ ,which was too high, then bafflement?==explain to me loco's post, if you read it,/

    • calvina2 Aug 3, 2012 4:19 PM Flag

      You must have crystal balls that talk.

    • Many thanks Loko. Great find!

      I always wonder what is your job? Detective? Lol

    • Thanks dear fellow shareholder for the great work.

      I always appreciate reading what you find. It's factual and interesting for the investors.

      Have a good day.

      $10 for year's end of 2012.

    • Ditto Ryman's Response

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