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  • hnbadger1 hnbadger1 Sep 6, 2012 10:58 AM Flag

    Well some news

    Huh? what does bow it out your #$%$ mean?????

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    • Murirave: thanks - but I have been ignoring clawmeister for a long time.
      He is beneath the good posters here - and if someone is so foolish as to take
      such a poster seriously - I would then challenge their ability to make judgements,
      and pick winning stocks. People like him do suck some people in for a little while;
      and then like a "fart in a windstorm" they dissipate into nothingness--------------------------------------------------------------

      stevieshoew posted:

      " You don't have to appease anyone tappy "--

      I take that as your validation of what I do - and thanks !
      A very long time ago I stopped trying to please all of the people all
      of the time - and for reasons stated below appeasement in not in
      my vocabulary.

      If I give poor advice - I feel badly; but I am comforted by a few
      things. I do my very best, and my intentions are good. I would never
      advise anyone to buy a stock that I am not willing to put a good deal
      of my money into; I always suggest using the advice of others as merely
      a guild and do independent research. Finally I have made a lot of my
      friends a lot of money, and since no one bats 100% - if I lose one here
      and there, my average is quite good.

      As far as appease anyone - my friends don't need appeasement - my
      critics I could care less about - the cry babies will always need someone
      to pick up after them and I have never volunteered for that position.

      Now as far as my "batting average" and missing a few here and there.
      I have learned from mistakes over the years and I think I have gotten
      pretty good at my style of investing- which is buying quality undervalued
      small situations - monitoring them to make sure they stay on course -
      and being very patient.
      ATRS will be my largest winner ever - as I have been accumulating stock
      for several years and have a large position and with an upside potential
      of several times my investment- I am not wrong on this- take it to the


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