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  • lxixmeth lxixmeth Sep 26, 2012 1:46 PM Flag

    What other pharmas do you own/trade?

    Just curious what other pharma companies you guys have as long-term investments and/or what companies you trade

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    • for long term I hold only ATRS and APDN, yes APDN considers itself a biotech:)

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      • Love this thread, any stock mentioned, I at least give a cursory check out, just like in the business world, where hearing from others on job leads, etc, word of mouth is a great way to fing good stocks. No, I do not mean to just go out and buy because some one touted a stock, but it is worth checking out, and doing DD, then maybe buying. Recent case in point, message board tip gave me SVNT at 1.30, it is 2,50 today, and was lasr week even higherIt retraced due to huge run up. For solid, similar to ATRS in reputation, such as they have products, they have cash, some have partners, etc. I would rec to check out for mid to long term ARRY, ARNA, DVAX, BDSI, MNKD, NSPH. A great spec play, still very low priced, and with breast cancer trials in Houston/San Antonio, among among other places, and this is phase 3, is GALE. It was MD Anderson cancer center in Houston that recently announced the "to the moon" cancer drive, which is a play on kennedys 10 year plan in the 1960s to send a man to the moon. Likewise, they plan to make a 10 year push to make huge strides in curing some types of cancers. If not familiar, M D Anderson is prob the leading hospital that wealthy people come from all over the world for cancer treatment. Hope some of you find this message worthwhile, not pumping any of these stocks, but even though I own conservative non bio stocks, I have heavy exposure in all the above mentioned stocks. weekends are great time for DD. Have a good weekend, .

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    • I have a small percentage in Chromadex. Antares still accounts for most of my portfolio.

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    • Just back from south of the equator and trying to catch up on Antares.

      I completely agree with Jab on this thread, Tappy as well. When we have a significant percentage of our total stock portfolio in a single company, it is almost negligence not to stay on top of it on a frequent basis. That said, it's nice to leave the country and not have to worry too much about ATRS. This investment is much like a mutual fund. It has diverse revenue potential spread throughout its pipeline and its revenue growth over the past few years has steadily increased. If this company was to merely continue at its same or even slightly lower revenues growth based on its diverse revenue opportunities, it would likely outperform most mutual funds and ETS (without the fees and with more immediate liquidity). One of the key attributes of this company that clearly sets it apart from a mutual fund is its potential to blow the roof off in 2014-15. There is no mutual fund (or biotech stock per this subject of this thread) that can come close to ATRS's low-risk high-reward opportunity.

      Kindest regards to all,


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    • ATRS is my largest holding. I've also got some ABT, TEVA, MYL, PSTI and ALIM..... 4 up, 2 down but hopefully on the way back.

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    • I love these speculative pharm stocks. I own Alimera (ALIM), Spectrum (SPPI) Immuno-Celluar (IMUC), Zalius (ZLCS). But while I own several thousand shares of each of these, I am up to my earballs in Antares (70k shares). ATRS really is the company I expect to make a killing in. BTW, to balance my irresponsible indulgence in speculative pharmies, I also lean into several great dividend stocks: NLY (11.4%), TWO (12.4%) and WIN (9.2%).
      Good luck to you!

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    • I didn't answer my own question, so for the sake of discussion and disclosure, I also have relatively small positions in JAZZ, SPPI, EXEL, QCOR (gag), TEVA, and MAKO (not a biopharma but still medical).
      I've been looking at GALE, HEB, PSTI, CBST, and SNTS. I almost bought SNTS in the 5s, and now I'm really mad at myself for missing the big run

    • I have 4K shares of CYTK and 10K of APDN. Vast majority of funds are in ATRS.

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    • MJNA. Seriously, it's cheep and now with it's findings of it helping to fight the spread of Metastatic cancer it's rep will certainly grow. Take out the stigma of what marijuana meens to most people and you have IMO a winner. Anyone can abuse ANY drug so what's the difference. With the new Dixie line of products now being sold in Europe along with a few other decent products, this company has true earnings AND growth potential. Do some DD and see for yourself. This is not a pump, just answering the man's question.

      Oh by the way, GO ATRS..................

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    • I hold ATRS, DVAX, ISR and CRME. Biggest is ATRS due to the potential and low risk.

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    • I hold NBS and PSTI for stem cell plays. I also hold some CELG But the bulk of my money is here on ATRS

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