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  • steviejshoes steviejshoes Jan 16, 2013 6:56 PM Flag


    Looks like another idiot called him. He did it again. Same old, same old.

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    • I use to work for a company that was purchased by IMS Health. The COO at our company said that the growth in the pharmacetical industry in the short to mid term future would come from the injectible industry. This was a guy who seen the market data on every possible drug you can imagine and talked to pharma executives every week.

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    • ATRS been down 2% on a green day, I thought it's a bearish sign, and now after the Cramer's call I am getting suspicious, even this morning some new the call to Cramer is coming? during our 15% rally to start the year I did thought that some negative ATRS remarks would emerge but I thought they would let us run to at least $5 before trying to bring us down...

    • Looks like stage to me.
      Short interest very high and Adam F. said once he got a friend who is short ATRS (during Libigel fiasco) with target of 0.8.
      Guess who Adam is working for.....

    • We in the rest of the world have no clue who this Cramer dude is, I find it hard to believe that one guy can have much impact on the price of a stock(except maybe in the US where he might be perceived as the new messiah(other people have been)), in particular when the networks are full of individuals(not upgrades/downgrades etc.) recommending this or that.
      Well I could be wrong...we shall see.

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      • nammuang:

        Unfortunately; CNBC is the premiere business network with substantially higher ratings than the other business channels. Wish Bloomberg would go High Def and maybe they would compete. I posted about Cramer a few days ago and it never fails to get some temperatures rising. I have listened to him bash Apple as of late yet not too long ago it was "unbelievable" in his eyes and could do no wrong. Now his daughter .... thats right his daughter has convinced him otherwise.. Tonight he got very defensive and said his charitable trust owns it. He is a farce. No question about it. Most of his followers are newbies. ( no offense newbiemike) He was boasting about his charitable trust giving $1.5mm. Get in to the billions like a WB and I will start changing my mind.


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      • No, there are too many savvy and knowledgible investors out there to allow Jim to bring ATRS down by a meaningful amount. The people who depend upon him to guide them are not the people investing in ATRS. His soft negative is not a big deal. On the other hand, if he would have rung the bell and said buy, buy, buy, yes, those clueless followers of his would have lined up at the open tomorrow to buy.

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    • This is more important than PPHM - back to the top.

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    • His latest dumb remark: Antares Pharma (ATRS): " I'm not a fan of injectables, it's a very competitive business, said Cramer. Therefore, I'm just not crazy about the stock."

      He hasn't a clue as to what this company does.

      He also told people to buy AAPL@$700+. The guy is a total idiot; an entertainer (clown), who cares more about ratings than he does about how he negatively effects people's lives.

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      • I ask myself, why has there been, on the "Lightning Round" certain people calling in about our little known Antares Pharma and the answer is now a standard - a mantra so to speak - of "i'm not a fan of injectables...." etc., etc., etc., to the point its getting really old and really telling. Can we expect some other caller calling in, in about another two or three months?

        Cramer's pat answer is now certifiable #$%$ His eyes are brown aren't they?

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