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  • senior187940 senior187940 Feb 4, 2013 12:59 PM Flag

    My summary of ATRS

    I do trade a few stocks, but not ATRS. It's an investment stock for me, and will remain that way unless the fundamentals change. Some stock guru writing an article, or the Cramer's of the world will not change my opinion. Facts will, if I can verify those facts. No need for me to go into the reasons I'm long this stock. Those reasons have been presented many times by those on this message board, more talented than myself in framing a written message. I'm not a technical chart person, and leave that to others. If ATRS makes a sharp move down, I will add to my position, and continue to hold. The stock has been in a consolidation phase for several months. Many of the weak hands, and traders have moved on to greener pastures. ATRS could be ripe for a bear raid. If that should happen, and (I am not predicting that to happen) it will be an excellent buying opportunity. The fundamentals remain intact, and this stock will go higher in the comming months. I have several old friends who have taken a position in this stock. We are all retail investors, but these guys are very strong, and long term holders in their investments. I believe as we progress, and good news is released, there will be more institutions, and strong hands, taking positions in this stock. Those who purchase the stock in this price range will be well rewarded, if they hold.. IMO and good luck to all.

    Regards, Senior

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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