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  • sarab80200 sarab80200 Feb 7, 2013 9:54 AM Flag

    Share price

    As long as Schwab, Zack and the likes continue to rate ATRS as a strong sell share price most likely will continue to be unpredictable. I doubt if they base their recommendation on the future of this company but only what the share price will be tomorrow morning. With what we know about the company the share price today is a bargain and the future bright.

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    • sarab80200 ...

      "With what we know about the company the share price today is a bargan and the future is bright."

      The key is "what we know."
      Management --- I've seen many management teams take a lot, and produce little. I've seen some managements teams take a little, and produce a lot. I believe The ATRS management team belongs in the group that has to date, produced a lot.

      Business model---An excellent drug delivery system using FDA approved drugs. Low risk and potential high reward. Partnerships with major pharma. A good pipeline. In house drug developement, which could tranform the company. Good balance sheet. Cash in bank and a well managed small burn rate. Increase in revenues and future increases looking bright.

      Patents--- I personally do not put much emphasis on patent "applications". It is a long journey from a patent application, to management deciding to spend money for developement, to FDA approval. My point is I depend on the company to inform if they intend to pursue developement, or partnership, of a patent. Then it becomes a fact, something to look forward to in assessing my overall view of company product developement. Just my personal take and view regarding patent applications.

      I concede none of this post is news to any serious investor in ATRS. I was attempting to contrast facts we know, from speculation. I'm sure I missed many points. There are other contributors on this message who can frame a message better than myself, and comments are welcome. But I agree with sarab80200, the future is bright with what we know.

      Regards, Senior

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • sarab80200 posted:

      "I doubt if they base their recommendation on the future of this company"

      They don't - - You can count on it !!!!!

      I don't know on what they base their recommendations - Schwab is
      presumed to be legitimate with their research, maybe not-
      As for Zack - I haven't a clue as to what motivates them.

      Some years ago, in the tech boom, a Merrill analyst was about the worst
      offender - being on the phone screaming "buy" to clients when with the other
      hand he was hitting the sell button on his computer.
      One analyst, (some might remember- Joe Granville) who gave speeches from
      a coffin and predicted the demise of the markets (and sometimes the world)-
      Where is he now ? Who knows and who cares.

      Many such frauds and clowns inhabit the investment world with all sorts of
      (I had an uncle, a great showman who owned a circus. He always wanted to be
      perceived as a winner. He would go to the racetrack with friends and secretly
      buy a ticket on every horse in the race. He had a system. He would put the 1
      horse ticket in his hat. 2 in his shirt pocket. 3 in his right pants pocket, etc.
      And when the race was over he would reach into the appropriate pocket and
      announce - Another Winner).
      POINT IS - I wouldn't be surprised if Zack has a sister company that was
      recommending a strong buy on ATRS - so they could claim they were right
      either way the stock moved.

      BUT - This is all nonsense. We have extremely reputable institutions owing
      over 40% of our shares. We have respected analysts covering with a buy.
      We have acknowledged one of the strongest pipeline in small pharma and a
      management team capable of making it all work. We have $88 million in the
      bank, no debt, and a very small burn (by choice, as we are investing in R & D
      for a much stronger tomorrow)..

      There are some stock picking touts that are so disreputable that for them to
      say "buy" - is almost like a curse. Like a lawyer, known to represent the worst
      criminals in society; His representations is almost a sure indication that the
      defendant is most probably guilty.

      That said - I have little respect for Zack - Schwab is, for the most part, a
      respected company (while I give them zero points for credibility when they
      bash ATRS) - I would rather they said good things about us than bad
      things; and they can hurt us by a few pennies in the short term.

      BUT I would never buy another stock, never make another investment, surely
      never make recommendations to friends - if I didn't have the courage of my
      convictions and the confidence in my research and network of friends - to
      make decisions that I am comfortable are based on excellent due diligence
      and a recognition of FACTS.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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