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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Feb 14, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    Been 6 months since dilution, today, we are within

    pennies of closing below the previous closing low since dilution. Usually, I find that the vast majority of good companies usually surpass their dilution price way before 6 months have passed. Could some of you guys with a wealth of knowledge , in a short summary form, tell us if we are, as a company, better off or worse off than 6 months ago, I am talking drugs, etc, not financially. The overall market is at all time highs, so that is not the reason for low sp. Do we have catalysts coming soon that may cause it to move a lot, either up or down? Please, do not reply if you say go and do your own dd. I will be honest, I know that many of you have done tons of dd and I know, if you have been here like me, for a year or more, that your opinion can be trusted. It would take days and days for a newbie to gather as much dd as many of you old timers, and then, they may not know exactly what they have found. Please, if you reply, do so in short and to the point manner, focusing on the positives and/or negatives.Also, if you think you can do so, please give a 2 to 6 month idea of future share price.

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    • today we actually closed 20 cents below the post dilution low, and 60 cents below the offering price.

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    • Appears we may be in danger of closing at the lowest since June 28, 2012. Can any one versed in chart reading give any info on support levels, etc? Long here, but want as much info as I can get.

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    • mofisher22 is a stock basher, at least this is my opinion after some of his comments related to KERX...and the same thing here... look at the
      does ATRS better or worse 6 months after dilution?..yeah, let's bring up dilution again as if it has something to do with the recent slide in PPS, and has ATRS really made any progress in the past 6months?...the company is now 6-months closer to the execution stage, but yeah, it's too complicated for me to figure this out, but if I start a thread about my doubts maybe yahoo MB will educate

    • jeff Feb 14, 2013 1:52 PM Flag

      Good luck getting an honest answer from some of the sunshine pumpers on this board. Several of them still don't consider what they did a dillution even. I have done fairly well trading in and out of this stock, and I am sick to my stomache I didn't dump it all (again) when it was over $4.00 a few weeks ago. Others will tell you this is as close to a sure thing the market has to offer, I wholeheartedly disagree. This stock is not retail investor friendly, never has been, and although I am up nicely overall, I am currently holding a $3.98 bag, and if it gets even close to that again in the future I'm out and done all together with this thing. I will check in from time to time to read all the glowing reports about how great the company is, while is bleeds daily......

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      • jeff,
        whether a stock is "friendly" or not is all matter of personal preferences...ATRS is relatively low volatility stock for biotech, it's a long term stock, you invest in such stocks only if you believe in fundamentals and without assigning particular short-term time frame on how fast and by how much PPS must appreciate... so I am surprised you pick ATRS as your trading stock...I hope the stock gets over $4 soon and you'll feel much better

    • I wouldn't even try to guess what the price would be in two to six months. Too many crosscurrents now.What I can tell you is that I started to become concerned by the continued probing of the 3.70 area. Each probe was followed by an increasingly tepid reaction to the upside. I would have felt better if the price had stayed in a narrower channel as it has at other times. This time however, it had a few false breakouts higher, the last one having been the weakest topping out at 4.00 on 2/5. This tells me that the cyclic energy has been depleted. In my opinion what we need now is some positive fundamental intervention. Some very bullish news whether from the FDA or anyplace else. Something that is the bullish counterpart of what happened in early October when the dilution announcement cut short our bullish recover back toward the highs of July. Without that we continue to flounder.

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      • Here's a point to ponder. Go back and look at each POP in share price over the last eight months. Now look at the SA articles from Scott M. and Stocklasar that came out in reference to those same time periods. Would it be fair to say that maybe we would have already trickled down lower to a final bottom had it not been for improper propping. Hmmm. Me thinks so. Like I said before. Show me you can turn a profit and I'll gladly buy your stock.THAT'S ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE! I'll let you guess which way it's heading :)


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