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  • tappyt1 tappyt1 Feb 16, 2013 2:05 PM Flag


    Some creep posted about my "mindless optimism" and referred to me
    as "grandpa".

    I don't care about foolish "schoolyard" remarks, I left that behind in
    the third grade --
    But as a reply to the board-
    My optimism is based on far more than mindlessness. There is not one
    item that I post about, or that motivates me to own ATRS, that is not
    a public fact- or a very reasonable conclusion to be drawn from facts.

    Now it could be said that ATRS having excellent management is an
    opinion and not a fact. This is somewhat true - but when an opinion is
    shared by very many people, who have the brains to come to a reasonable
    conclusion, Then an opinion is tantamount to a fact - And the smart,
    experienced, objective, and both professional investors and people in the
    medical and scientific community who I have known for many years, or
    have come into contact thru ATRS - Such as people I have met in the
    audience of some investor conferences which I was able to attend -
    (hedge fund managers and the like) all had extremely high praise for
    the capabilities and integrity of Dr. Wotton and Bob Apple. People
    like Jack Howarth and LeRoux Jooste have long and distinguished careers
    and add great depth and experience to the team.

    Other things such as balance sheet - partners - pipeline - patents - market
    sizes - they are all Facts and all indicate a far higher share price than what
    the market is currently assigning to ATRS.

    Finally - as for the "grandpa" remark:
    I surely don't care what some young, disrespectful creep posts about me -
    And for those who are grandparents (I am not yet) - what is a greater source
    of pride and joy ?
    To disparage that group could only be the remarks of an imbecile.
    But for the good people here - -
    Some folks deteriorate with age. I have not. Age has given me a wealth
    of experience - academic and practical knowledge - making mistakes and
    profiting by not making the same one's twice - and developing contacts who
    I trust and communicate with frequently.
    No one is always right - Certainly not me - But some would be wise to consider
    what I post about ATRS might just be on target and if they do they will

    Last post by me about fools and their personalities.
    From now on my posts are limited to business ....


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    • Life on this board is a reflection of life in general. If you have your beliefs and they are based in truths....hold them tight , because you WILL be tested for time to time. Scriptures tell us to put on the full Armor of Faith. I would expect the same reflection in the wisdom of choosing this company. We are also told to fellowship with like minds...not to bash, but to learn from and to strengthen.
      As long as the exchange is based in Truth....then there are no worries.

      Tappy, you and jab and senior, and bv and bent and koufax [if they are still in] just KEEP doing what you are doing. ......ignore the garbage...In close to 20 years on message boards, be it sports, religion , politics, or stocks; --- there will be the hatya's and bashers.....comes wif the territory of good vs evil.

      Keep up the excellent work.
      Rik ---
      MD,....and grandpa :)

    • Tappy you are a class act, and a person of integrity. People with those attributes are respected, and their opinions are given thoughtful consideration. The creep you referred to in your post has neither. Seeks respect, but doesn't know how to obtain it. To gain respect, one must first extend respect.

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    • Thanks, Tap, I always respect and enjoy your posts and at present am simply waiting as usual for the FDA balloon factory to DO something. Not the first time by any means a d not necessarily a sign of bad news.
      Biobuff (five grandchildren and still in the game)
      PS: Don't let snotty kids get under that thin skin of yours. It just encourages them.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • The only "mindless" posts I've read in connection with your keystrokes, are the few responses that attempt to discredit and/or destroy what they cannot comprehend, let alone create themselves.

      I know that you are a "class act". And a prime example is this post of yours. I would have not been so
      nice with a response - and I've demonstrated that before on this board. But not you.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Tappy no worries just scared weak hands that are nervous and mad cause they lost 8 percent these past couples days, they feel they have to take it out on someone and unfortunelty they seem to choose you... No worries your a good guy as it seems and you never stoop to name calling its just redic... All good keep it up... Long and strong!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • @tappy,
      the" frogy" made my ignore list 6months ago, i am surprised someone still reads his posts
      p.s. i accidentally pushed a wrong button and started a new thread with this post, i apologize

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