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  • tappyt1 tappyt1 Feb 19, 2013 7:27 PM Flag

    am I better than you ??

    When we are up there was a desperate attempt to blunt our rise-
    The shorts get panicky and employ posters here to do some of their
    dirty work.
    Now that we are down - they try to pile on and exacerbate the decline.

    I admit they have won this skirmish - driving our stock which had been
    over $4 (and worth over $6-8+) to $3.50. I think they will begin to
    lose the battle starting tomorrow and way, way beyond.

    What they have done - (these paragons of the investing world) - is cause a
    loss for a lot of good and decent people because they couldn't afford a
    further loss and they were frightened out of their positions, they are on
    margin and got calls, or they needed the cash and were forced to sell at
    artificially low prices.
    What they have done for the stronger holders is allow them to lock in
    shares at bargain prices that won't be here for long and that we will
    never see again.

    So - Some might curse you and some might thank you - I think you are
    #$%$ and someone here once posted - Tappy thinks he is better than
    me - and in the case of the stock manipulators - I sure do.

    GOOD LUCK to the good people here.....

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Tappy put these people on ignore. There are people on this message board who have made a consistent effort to "de-nut" you at each and every opportunity. You are a very intelligent person, and an excellent contributor to this message board. You will not learn anything from these people. I have many on ignore, and will add to the ignore list as necessary.

      A message to the longs that are interested.
      I am very long ATRS, and will remain long, unless fundamentals change to the negative. The fundamentals IMO remain intact. I respect others opinions, but I believe this recent action to be MM and retail trade. Just my opinion. I feel for those who are in a margin situation. The MM's know how, and when to take advantage of those situations. The retail trade are always the losers in this kind of market action. The institutions, and others will take advantage, and add if the fundamentals are intact. I sincerely believe the fundamentals remain intact. Good luck.

      Regards, Senior

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Tappy....nobody is scaring me out of my position. I talked to Jack this morning. I emailed him first and he told me to call him as soon as I could. I called him within minutes. He answered all of my questions and didn't beat around the bush. I could hear the excitement in his voice when he talked about Pfizer deal. I never had any worries and now I feel even better about my investment!
      Cheers to all us longs!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Tappy please do not listen to them, please just take your Pimavanserin that ACAD has given you and go to bed.

    • Tappy, why do you pay any attention to them? Why do you waste your time? Put them on ignore and forget them.

    • Sorry but I invest in a company bast on information not gut feelings maybe you should do the same. Try it and I bet you won't loose as much money and who knows you might make some.

    • well stated, Tappy. Sad to say, many people get spooked or just can not afford to with stand major drops in share price. I would hope that many who have sold might get back in before the sp rebounds too much. This icould turn out to be a great buying opp.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • ~~thank you tappy....very much.
      I feel a bit blunted here tonight as I sit here. I have taken some loss elsewhere as well, in the face of this 'supposidly' good market. When I get quiet and settle down, I realize that most of the punishment comes from myself.......needlessly.
      I look at lessons I learned back in the 90's with the dot coms etc, and I have carried most of those lessons forward with me......still, you have to occationally fight off that little evil voice in the back of your head that plants doubt. You have to stand back.....take a deep breath, and then it comes to you that you just scared yourself silly... that nothing has changed in your situation or big picture. I really laugh at myself after I get through scolding myself.
      I seem to be talking to myself, don't I? ............good thing I quiet drinking :)

      "Straighten UP AND FLY RIGHT!" my dad used to tell me.

      Have a good evening folks, life's tooo short not to.......L8

    • Exactly correct tappy, they will ultimately lose the battle.
      In the meantime, it looks like the school bell rang and its recess time for the children to come out and play. I hope the bullies don't try to pick a fight.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Tappy don't listen to them. Sell ATRS and go to ACAD.

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