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  • tigrdog3 tigrdog3 Feb 27, 2013 1:20 PM Flag

    loko....check in please.

    courtesy TD Peterson: "Dialog from this a.m.'s conference

    Just a few comments (would appreciate feedback):

    The patent comments that started around the 17:40 mark. Dr. Paul said that Otrexup has 4 patents (to date) that protect the drug.----........... now vs. later this year, i.e. NDA acceptance and Otrexup launch, and what can investors look forwards to prior to the Oxtrexup launch. Specifically, what catalyst events could investors look toward that would bolster the stock value. Dr. Paul mentioned another Teva filing this year, then he chuckled, quite loud. Hmmm. Okay - I'm looking at the Antares pipeline - Teva Pen 2 isn't listed as launching until 2015. Pen 1 isn't listed as launching until 2016. If another Teva filing happens this year, and if the filing includes a non-NME drug (could it be anything otherwise?!), we're looking at 10 months total from NDA submission to NDA approval. That translates to a 2014 launch, maybe an early 2014 launch. So, is there a mystery drug in the works?? Or, is the Pen 2 going to beat the 2015 launch timeframe by a mile? "


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