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  • koufax62 koufax62 Mar 8, 2013 5:04 PM Flag

    Excellent Day

    from my viewpoint!

    As posted earlier, the Otrexup app acceptance isn't an event that would propel the stock straight up through the 200 into the 4s. What it did was create a floor under the stock from where accumulation would begin "all over again" to fuel the next run with "staying power" Basing pattern, higher lows, higher highs, etc.. The last thing I wanted was for the stock to run in a straight line back to low 4s. IMO, an excellent technical consolidation that looked very much like I envisioned it would the first time the 200 or in this case, the slow descending 50 was challenged over a week ago when I called a reversal coming based on favorable valuation as well as technical oversold signals.

    The dead wood has to be pruned a little after the "confirmation" bounce off the bottom. Short termers exiting got what they wanted and some deep underwater threw in the towel prematurely on the first positive opportunity and that is unfortunate but the way it works.

    To reiterate, I don't at all fear the earnings call. If it creates a buying op for me, so much the better and selling prior to is not or has not even been a remote consideration.

    I do have a keen interest end of Q for the funds/instys come the close of Mar. I sense managed dollars are earmarked to rotate in "our direction" especially factoring in that the shares are discounted. In addition, rotation into the bio space in perhaps what one might consider a toppy market seems predictable.End of Q (Mar 31) and half year mark end of June are the two dates insty/fund holdings in the company jump substantially IMO.

    Get out in front of it !


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    • Koufax because you - and that fact that many of the other good people here
      have stuck with Yahoo (with some sharing their time on I-Hub)
      I am back -

      Which will please some and displease others. Such is life.

      Your post makes great sense and I hope and think it is correct, but I don't
      know much about technical analysis.

      I agree that the much anticipated acceptance of our Otrexup application
      was not a strong moving force - but it did remove a small uncertainty and
      that is a good thing.
      Dr. Wotton's explaining more about Otrexup gives great confidence of
      an FDA acceptance with no delays or problems raised - and that (which
      is also expected - but will be very meaningful) will be a great springboard
      to higher prices.
      In the meantime we will rise on present valuation and advances in pipeline
      products and the new opportunities that I am sure will be in our future.

      The announcement of a product involved in Neurology is also a good thing.
      Our son is a Neurology resident and he had the opportunity to enter the
      finest Cardiology practice in the Phila/ South Jersey area - but he choose
      Neurology because he said Neurology is today- where Cardio was 15 years
      ago and that is the most exciting field in medicine today - and now ATRS
      is there.

      In the meantime - we do have an earnings report next week - that I think
      the smart people (and certainly the institutions) will ignore any disappointments
      in revenue or earnings as the story is future earnings - both from partnering
      deals and our own products and I am sure the institutions are owners
      due to Otrexup and what comes after. BUT if we get good revenue news
      we will go up very nicely.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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