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  • stockwaun stockwaun Apr 12, 2013 4:22 PM Flag


    Watch how we take over your stock Tappy!

    You too Bsav...

    Phase 2 Male Contraceptive

    Off we go!!!


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Hey Tappy

      I don't follow the fundamental side as much as you do, but from technical standpoint looks very interesting...huge volatility squeeze...close to breakout.

      You will be wise to be ready!!!

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      • zeissia_iv

        Opposite from you - I don't know much about the technical side
        of stock movement - But from the little I do know - and from what
        friends who know the various levels of support and resistance -
        charts and moving averages, etc. tell me - We are very over-sold and
        due for a very significant bounce from here.

        I do follow the fundamental side very closely.
        While some here work hard, and are reasonably good, at predicting
        unannounced products, events, etc.
        I invest based on what I know - not what I think will happen:
        and I know that ATRS has everything aligned to sell at a much higher
        share price; next week, later this year - and grow for several years to

        Some here are constantly, and rather foolishly, telling management how
        they should run the business. If I didn't like how executives ran a company
        in which I was invested - I would immediately sell my stock. Of all of
        the important ingredients for success - honest, capable management is
        probably # 1. I am totally comfortable and happy with ATRS' management.

        Critical to our long term (and short term) success is approval of Otrexup.
        Approval will fairly dramatically increase share price as it will validate
        management and confirm the transition from a licensing company to a
        Specialty Drug Company. It will also serve as proof of concept for QST
        and QSN. Approval will set a floor under the stock, from which it will rise
        with launch and advancement of several other products and things such as
        an international licensing deal for Otrexup.

        By then we should most probably have approval for TevTropin 10mg. -
        and with that affording nicely higher sales of TEVA's HGH - with
        gelnique selling briskly by then - with revenue from sale to TEVA of
        epi-pen devices - with MEDA's marketing of Elestrin; we should be
        profitable- and if we are not it is only due to exciting projects moving
        forward which are a greater investment in ATRS's (and our) future.
        And with a strong balance sheet and no debt, we can be reasonably sure
        there will be no financing's that will, temporarily, blunt the rise in our
        share price.

        Important to note:
        Any rejection of Otrexup would be very painful and a delay would be
        unpleasant - And approval is one of the "slight" unknowns and something
        no one can predict with absolute certainty.
        That said - I believe the chance for anything less than a timely success
        is not only "slight" - but not worth a minute's loss of sleep.

        I believe management (while they are required to answer to the board
        of directors, and not the shareholders) are working strictly on behalf
        of the shareholders and they have our interest foremost in their minds.
        If they have news that is not released, I trust them - that to release
        news prematurely could jeopardize a project and could hurt us in one
        of several ways - mostly by giving away a competitive advantage.

        If the Copaxone's and the Male Contraceptives - and the buyouts
        happen - great: Icing on an already very rich cake -

        All in all - The facts are so plain and obvioius, and to date not one single
        person - here or anywhere else, has given me any reasons why I am wrong
        and why ATRS will not prove to be a sensational investment.

        Some have (maybe rightfully) said that our stock is stalled and frustrating.
        No one (from time to time) feels this frustration more than I:
        Then I remember that I bought some stock at under $1 and even with some
        purchases over $5 I have a very decent profit already. I am aware that,
        especially in the small cap arena, prices are often not consistent with
        value or the rather obvious future of a company. That I still am buying
        stock at these bargain prices - whenever I have available cash -
        And when I think of these things - any frustration melts away.

        ATRS is a stock for now and for the decade. On one owning - holding-
        accumulating ATRS - and who has the courage of their convictions to
        ride thru these

        GOOD LUCK

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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