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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Apr 24, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    Do any of you thatown lots of shares attend annual sh meeting?

    Reading a lot of the comments, and peoples gripes, desire to see things different, etc, was nderinif any one on here has or will attend.

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    • I actually called the law offices that it will be held at. Apparently, the "conference room" that ATRS has booked has a max capacity of 40-50 people. I was pretty psyched on attending but after hearing about that, not so much anymore just because I'm 2 hrs from philly and it feels like they don't want the average retail investor to attend.

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      • Newbie...This is not like a Wal-Mart type open exhibit meeting where CEO's and CFO's applaud all the workers and shareholders. But more like a small pharmaceutical company going over the latest progress all awhile having a vote on a few things, hence proxy vote. Being you are only two hours away, I would encourage you, if you can make it , to go.I promise you management will make you feel as if you were home. And I also will go out on a limb and say that only half of them 40-50 chairs will be filled with maybe 5 retail investors there at best. Just as I told Mr. Howarth earlier today, if I can catch a flight in between my two prior commitments (2 graduations), then I will be occupying one of the seats. If not, I plan on visiting headquarters soon to take a look around.Might even take management out to lunch. That would make for some serious small talk, eh Loko?? :)


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