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  • whogo70 whogo70 Apr 27, 2013 8:59 AM Flag

    I'm sure we lost a number of great posters this week when they sold. :)

    I can still see a few hanging around hoping for a pull back, but if history repeats itself we may go from $3.50 - $5.50 in 20 trading days on no news as we did from June/18 - July/17 last year.

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    • after the shares price been anchored at 3.50s for almost 3months it's hard to blame anyone who took the profit first chance they got, I for one also sold half of my shares, now I somewhat regret that decision but hope will get a chance to get them back

    • good point, there could be overall market weakness in may like last year when ATRS went down to 2.75 from 3.50.

    • mbus57 Apr 27, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

      These are definitely exciting times .
      It will be interesting to see how much Otrexup
      brings in and all other pen products.I also bought more at
      $3.50 ,.

    • whogo, niceto know we can dependon you to be here each day. I agree, once the sp is in motion, and it is, I expect to see at least $6 in 6 weeks. If you check last years chart, ATRS and ARRY both gained 50 to 90 percent in less than 6 weeks. ARRY has already repeated it this year, ad I expect ATRS to do the same.I will be shocked if it drops back to where we were last Wed, $3.50.Just wish Ihad the fire power to buy like you. I may have to scrounge up a few more thousand dollars and add under $4. Whatis amazing is itis still below the last offering price.

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      • Mo, I think the run into Otrexup's PDUFA has already started. We've got funds accumulating & the run-up traders are in accumulation mode. I just want to see the stock move over $4 & stabilize for the next leg up. We've got the 1st qtr conference call in a few weeks so I'm hoping management can give us something new to build on.

        The only thing thats going to take us over $6 in the next six weeks is if they announce PFE as the supply partner for QST.

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