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  • nthnsh nthnsh Jun 25, 2013 8:55 PM Flag

    Pro chartist calls Matusow delusional

    Jason Freeman says that there is nothing on ATRS chart that suggests shorting is a good idea. Specifically he calls anybody shorting ATRS based on charts as delusional.

    I agree with him. There is no technical evidence in ATRS chart that points to a pull-back. However, I believe that ATRS will still pull back based on the following speculation. I think Matusow is in touch with big players (like diamondcutter) and he learned that big players will drive ATRS down. Of course he can't say this publicly, so he claims that technicals point to pull-back. This is just my idea, and I have no proof

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    • They threw everything but the kitchen sink at it today judging by the volume. Yet here we are almost exactly where we were 2 trading days ago and only down a dime on the day. Not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. I truly believe these presentations ATRS has been making in bunches at various conferences to institutional buyers had a serious effect in spreading the word. As you say about your theory, I too have no proof, however I believe that is why every time we approach the 4 level support shows up in force. Too much truly "big money", that would dwarf Matusow, is accumulating this imo. Hey, let him knock himself out though. Shorts are throwing their money down a sinkhole as there are buyers ready and willing to step in.
      I still truly and firmly believe there is zero chance of this dipping below $3.90 before Oct. approval. I guess we shall see.

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      • I believe that we reached the support level yesterday!!

        Please fellow board member, don't listen to the bashers or traders.

        ATRS is in a perfect situation for a purchase at these prices and you would be nuts to short it!

        If you purchase now, you will be very, very happy when our premiere drug gets approved by October.

        After that it may go back and forth for a short time but the long term holders will be richly rewarded!!

        There ares 100's of drugs that would be perfect for our injector just waiting on the sidelines ready to use our injector!

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    • does not make sense just to make 3K.... he has 10K shares at low 4. pull back to 3.8 gives him approx 3K or less.

      and he has spent 1500 dollars to hold july 5 call option that expires mid july as he is 'sure' that ATRS will hit 5 before then...

      whatever he is doing, it is odd at best. i do agree it is not the chart that is guiding him... maybe he is doing a favor for some other large short, so they can get out before a major run....

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      • Yes General, I completely agree with you. Whatever he is doing doesn't make any sense GIVEN the publicly available info both technical and fundamental. Matusow has been wrong on that 4.35 call. Plus, he will most likely lose all his money invested in July $5 call options in ATRS,so maybe this is one of his useless calls.

        Plus, why is he playing only with 10K shares? If his goal is scalping he better deploy heavier fire power, because a scalper tries to squeeze couple cents and to make a decent profit you have to trade big, like 50K shares. Even I trade in chunks of 10K with ATRS

        With 10K shares he will at most scalp $3K, and most probably much less, if any. Go figure

    • What "big players" are we to believe will drive ATRS down?

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      • Big players doesn't mean institutions; rather deep pocketed individuals who play professionally alone or part of a trading group. There used to be a retired pro who was an ATRS investor. He used to post under alias, diamondcutter (DC). He was part of a trading group, each person in the group commanding at least 50 million. Matusow was in touch with him. DC used to own 3% of the float of ATRS. DC's trading group used to accumulate shares of companies who are teetering on the verge of RegSho list, forcing shorts to cover at exorbitant prices. They were pros in executing this inverse margin call type scheme. Unfortunately DC and his group decided to setup a hegde fund so he stopped posting early this year.

        I am assuming that Matusow is in touch with such big fish, either DC himself or some others

    • And short interest is creeping up for something.

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      • It's creeping up because earnings are coming up. By that time though, I don't think a penny miss or so will matter as we have plenty of news between now and then. You have to be crazy to short this stock. D.C. doesn't have the pull with his newly instituted Hedge Fund to drop this stock price even with the little help Scott M. may throw in is not enough to take such a gamble as any day could be THE day this stock shoots up. Stay long and you shall be rewarded.

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