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  • mdr0418 mdr0418 Jun 28, 2013 2:54 PM Flag

    Adam ( Where is the Rogaine) Feuerststein trys to rain on our parade

    His article he launched from the Street is tactical in nature as it screams of someone who is attempting to hold our shares down from more accumulation by the institutions. He does attempt the approval bar for Otrexup is low for the obvious reasons, but he questions the companies ability to successful market the drug. Seems he feels we are tactically wrong for going it alone from a sales and marketing perspective and he also feels we lack enough clinical work comparing the oral formualtion against the injectable. He estimates our drug will sell for 4k annually and he feels insurance companies will not step up to the plate in all cases.

    What I found most glaring was his complete omission of takiing about our pipeline namely QST. It is like taking your kid to the zoo and not walking by the elephants!!

    My guess is he is working for his other bald friend Cramer and they are gobbling up shares as they attempt dumb down our intellectual property and blockbuster potential of our pipeline in print. These type of articles simply add to my confidence level that we are in the right equity.

    Long and Strong ATRS!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • mdr0418
      After the Libigel fiasco AF said he has a short friend who's target price for ATRS (AIS) is 0.80.
      We all know what happened to the price since then.

      • 2 Replies to rymankoly
      • Years ago I was long VPHM. Called Cramers show Mad Money. He said Sell, Sell Sell. Couple weeks later he did the same. VPHM went from about $4 a share to $19.00.

      • MDR0418

        I have little respect for Adam Feuerststein's work.

        He, and we here, will all find that rather than - (As you said
        he is raining on our parade)
        It will be raining pennies (dollars) from heaven for Antares
        shareholders -

        Since I hate the stupid posts with no substance - I will add
        some color.

        Every ingredient in an excellent stock investment in present
        in ATRS.
        Some stocks have great upside potential, but they come with great
        risk. Some are risk less, with no upside potential.
        ATRS is the perfect blend of both. Very low risk / with outstanding
        upside potential
        We have a fine base of revenue from licensed products (both
        launched and pipeline) - with world class partners - a very good
        balance sheet, a very small burn, excellent institutional and analyst
        support, a management team that is extraordinary, fine barriers to
        entry from competition due to the FDA procedures and our IP and
        patents. A transition from a royalty based company to a Specialty
        Pharma Company with many resultant benefits.
        Most of all a very undervalued stock.

        Dollars from Heaven for you and for me.
        GOOD LUCK

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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