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  • steviejshoes steviejshoes Jun 30, 2013 5:33 PM Flag


    Rather than taking a chance my response to you could get buried in the old thread, I decided to start a new one. Regarding going long gold, or silver for that matter, the most conservative approach would be to buy an ETF. GLD for gold and SLV for sivler. Those are pure plays. If the metals go up, so do the ETF's. Every time. You probably know this already. Next are individual miners and related metal stocks. More risk, but more reward. You have to pick and choose carefully. I've made some mistakes with this in the past, but overall have done very well with this category. The key and it's the biggest of the biggest is to make sure the direction of the commodity move is on target. If it is, the wind at your back is a beautiful thing. If you get the commodity move wrong, don't hang around too long. I think the potential for gold and silver to move higher soon has a very good chance of coming to fruition. I like SLW. Have done well with it in the past. It's primarily a silver streaming company, but not a miner. It is involved with some gold contracts as well. There are many gold and silver miners on sale now. EXK is one of them. IAG is another. These are companies that are profitable at current prices and stand to do well as prices turn around and head higher. Where we are now is starting to remind of where gold and silver were in October of 2008 as they approached a bottom. Gold is around $400 higher now, but has corrected sharply and I don't think it goes lower from here. If you're comfortable with options or futures, these are other options. Options are safer than futures, but if you nail the direction of the move, you can clean up big time with futures. Like I've been saying for a long time, I think stocks will top during the week of July 15 to 19. More likely closer to the end of that week. I think the metals and stocks will continue their inverse relationship, but reverse themselves with stocks falling and metals rising. I think it could get very ugly for stocks.

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    • I like the miners now better than the metal. The miners had to tighten the shop and they are by cutting cost in the face of the declining metal price. The physical metals have declined much less. The mint cannot keep up with demand. I own MUX, KGC but my ace in the hole is TC which is more of a diversified metal play. SLW is a good proxy for the entire commodity metals space.Good Luck!

    • mbus57 Jun 30, 2013 6:06 PM Flag

      Thanks Stevie
      For the commodity lesson and I'm sure excellent advice.

      Pran suggested SAND and it looked like it bottomed (52 week low)
      and bounced a $1.50. I would love to catch a bottom.

      I'm also waiting for an entry point on HALO.

      I've never touched any commodity and would like to get my feet wet .Just like bio I like the
      High risk High reward.I will check out SLW & EXK.

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      • Another note - I believe whogo and jrdelane from this board are also long. Baker Brother's is also long. They increased their position by 80% to 3.1M shares. Baker brothers bought even more ACAD after ACAD reported good primaverserin data so I think they might add a couple million more shares after this herceptin recommendation.

      • mbus57,

        You don't have to wait for an entry point on HALO. If your position is not going to be that big, you could write some calls and make a nice premium. I went long only 400 shares at 7.93 and sold $10 strike december expiry calls for 85c which makes my cost basis 7.08. Those same calls should be selling for $1+ on monday. It's just a trade for me going into december. My upside is capped at around 40% gain but I'll take what I can get. :)


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