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  • whogo70 whogo70 Jul 2, 2013 3:19 PM Flag

    Wonder what SM thinks of the technicals now?

    How's that short doing Scotty?

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    • he shorted at $4.05 per his tweet and I think 10K shares...but he will say what he did or does do...but I sure wouldn't short ATRS...I mean we have October for PDUFA and being July its not really all that far away, it could continue to creep up here and there all the way....and just wait until the biorunup crowd and sheffs start buying the PDUFA play...there are two big PDUFA plays in October, ATRS and PSDV a few days later and of course the AMRN Panel Notes the same day as folks are getting in earlier and earlier to beat the crowd....same thing happened with AFFY when it ran into its PDUFA I got in months earlier when it was around $6+ and ride it over $12 then was kicking myself I did not hold as it went into the $20's but heck look how that's turned out...anyway just don't be surprised if ATRS starts to move slowly but surely with some minor profit taking here and there then watch out for the runnup crowd and be in and heavily loaded for the run...GLTA

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    • mbus57 Jul 2, 2013 7:30 PM Flag

      I'm sure he will tell us he covered his short made money,
      went long and predicted the buyout .Oh
      yea ,I almost forgot he will tell us he's been
      picking winners for ten years.

    • whogo, I been at a distance lately, still loaded, but bored. Starting to get excitited now though. I did not know Scott was short on ATRS, did not think he hardly ever did shorts, and am surprised with ATRS. I am amazed he would short ATRS. I knew he bougt back in a few weeks ago. He would have been better off just buying back in and going long. think the rainbow is much closer now.

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    • SM didn't hold overnight so he probably made a few hundred, hats off to him. VERY risky, probably wasn't worth the reward but to each his own. Maybe he gave us some positive attention?

    • Scott closed out his short position a week or so ago...

    • Iz our eyes deceiving us!!!
      Hah cha cha cha

    • That guy is an idiot. If you looked at this chart and saw a short opportunity, you seriously need to stay out of the market for a while and do some homework.

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