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  • revenue_hunter revenue_hunter Jul 9, 2013 6:01 PM Flag

    Revune hunting

    Hello serious Antares investors. I'm a revenue hunter investor and this is my current equity for accomplishing that goal. Are there any others that are focused on the current potential of future revenues for this company? I'm not all that interested in investing per technicals, short interest, articles, programmed selling and the like because that is just not my style or reason to invest and so far (25 years worth) it has more than not, worked for me. Many kinds of investors out there for sure, but my historical interest is in companies that are on the verge of serious revenues that translate to the bottom line and that to me, means a reflection in the price per share.
    I've been researching this particular company for close to a year and half and I'm now in it. Actually, have been in Antares Pharma since April 25 to be precise, mid to high 3's.
    What did it for me? The business cultural switch from royalty base rev's to solo based proprietary in house gen rev's and I waited until April to pull the trigger, plus from what I can tell, terrific intellectual capital on board. I waited to pull the trigger for the main reason of getting space in between their initial Otrexup submittal and for that time to erode with no negatives from the FDA. What remains to be seen but what I like, is the likelihood of approval for Otrexup and the ensuing programs that will trail behind for greater revs plus the likelihood of a new breed of institutional investors that will take notice and acquire positions within the framework I am looking at.
    My investment horizon for this stock is not set in stone but with their Otrexup approval in the batters box, the testosterone program on deck and the neurologic in the hole, I'm looking at 2 to 4 years minimum.
    Best of luck!

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    • tappyt, newbiemike,
      Hello. So you are both on board with revenue hunting as I am. Tappyt specifically, I liked the risk factor scale for Antares with Otrexup, the widely used proven drug methotrexate and their own version of delivering that drug via their injector. I don't like risk period and I don't have to entertain risk in my own investments due to the fact I am retired from the working world. Plus, I don't like the typical small investigative biopharma concerns that are more of a hit or miss given their chosen interest. But here is what intrigues me very much. So Antares Pharma has taken out of the equation, high risk and settled on known drugs using their injectors. A lesson they have apparently learned from TEVA. I've listened to their healthcare conferences, researched what I can and plugged into my own formula from a life long endeavor, a likely outcome. It looks very promising. If it unravels, I'll be out and re-evaluate.
      Newbiemike, thanks for responding as well. I haven't read much other posters on this board and I won't take advise from any either and that is intended as no offense to you or anyone. I answer to myself and that is what is most important for me. But I have been following posts of what I consider the more serious posters or investors here. It is not hard to figure out who they are. So my purpose here in posting after I've acquired my shares is to enjoy my own action with others as events unfold. It should be a benefit to those who understand some very basics of investing and to not overthink.

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    • revenue hunting:

      There are several small pharma companies that are (as you said it)
      "On the verge of serious revenues" -

      Why I chose Antares over others is the remarkable risk / reward
      ratio with ATRS that I can not currently find in any other stocks
      (perhaps they exists, I can't find them).

      ATRS - is (first of all) not frothy or overpriced in anticipation of
      events - rather the stock remains (in my opinion) extremely under-
      valued and as this under valuation is recognized and events unfold
      there is a great upside potential to the share price. The only near
      term risk that I see is approval of Otrexup which, in pharma, is
      about as low as a risk can get.

      Some other pharma companies are before the FDA (or in clinical
      trials) with products that can product more revenue than Otrexup -
      but the risk of FDA rejection in many (if not most) of these
      company's is extremely high. Otrexup should be approved with as
      much certainty as anything ever before the FDA.

      Few small pharma companies have the partnerships, pipeline and
      base of growing revenue as ATRS has from our partnered products.
      These are world class partners and our royalty revenue comes without
      risk, cost or work. All we do is cash the check.

      I believe you are new to the message board. Assuming you are
      legitimate, I hope you stay and contribute and ignore and not be turned
      off by the fools and mischief makers who are here so often.
      One of our best posters - Rymankoly - monitors a message board for
      Antares on IHub and you might visit there also.


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    • I think you will find that this is one of the best boards around. I know that a lot of people here are for great things to come within the next 2-5 years and the nice technicals right now are just icing on the cake. You can search for these following aliases on the forum search bar - bsav, jab, fmurph, tappy, tdpeterson, ryman, whogo, shadowplay and you can do a filter search by their highest rated posts. I've learned a lot by doing that so I hope this helps.


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