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  • gsl41790 gsl41790 Jul 14, 2013 12:00 AM Flag

    It's hard to tell which way it will go Monday.

    Set a stop loss at 4.47 to be safe. IMO 4.65 by Friday .

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    • gsl41790, I hope you did not get caught out with that stop loss. What we saw on Friday was the accumulator whoever it is, do a classical shake out of weak holders, I think I have seen this at least once a quarter for the last two years in this stock. people loose patience when the stock is not doubling in value every three month's and then you get a big player to shake the tree and down drops the low hanging fruit. We are not an overnight success story nor are we an overnight moon shot. But If you are in this stock as a long, I honestly do not see how you can go wrong. Since Dec 15 2011 when we closed at 1,67 we have with one exception(the crazy run up last July) had an unspectacular increase in the stock value of 263% !!!!!!! AND PEOPLE ARE COMPLAINING??????
      How many stock biotech stock have performed worse in that period(i for one had two that became totally worthless(Luckily I had not put a lot of money in them since they where one shot wonders).
      I still think that Loko might be on to something with his 13 in 2013 :o), at least it sounds good and I believe we could be closer to 13 than to 4 at year end.

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    • Only .08 on the stop loss. That's not how set it dude, IMHO. You are making in to easy for them to pick your shares. Consider a stop around $4.20 or so. That's about 5% and I would set one maybe around $4.05.Best of luck whatever you decide.

    • Who cares which way we go on MONDAY but rather which way we go through out the end of the year.Looks like $6 easily to me.If someone to jump on the ATRS bandwagon MONDAY they could make a for sure 34% profit on a fairly same investment :)

    • Don't use stop loss on this stock unless you are prepared to sell. The manipulators to be are very good at shaking out stop losses and pick up cheap shares.

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