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  • newbiemike123 newbiemike123 Jul 17, 2013 1:42 PM Flag

    Crecy's magical number 4.66...pull up a one year chart and be ready to be happy

    Crecy has been spot on with his predictions. Pull up a one year chart of ATRS. Notice how we were flying so high last year around this time? Now, move the beginning of the new 52 weeks to August 1, 2012. What's the high now? You got it - 4.66. So starting on August 1, 2013, our new 52 week high will be 4.66. BINGO. And that's only a few cents away. We're definitely taking that out. So just sit tight and relax. Only 2 more weeks away from taking out the new 52 week high! smart shorts covered ages ago. Dumb shorts will get taken to the cleaners. You can chase a few pennies here and there but as every professional trader (Sheff et al) has determined, ATRS is a completely different beast. Trading this is too difficult. Just buy shares and hold long term. You will make more money buying and holding long term than trying to trade in and out making a few pennies here and there. And you'll age a lot slower too :)


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    • who's Crecy?

    • I am a a bit of a loss as to why it is such a great thing that at one point we had crashed 40% below the highs of last year and now that those highs are off the 12 month chart that chart doesn't look as stinko. However, if it gives people a buzz and makes them buy the stock, I am all for that.

      Throw out the 12 month chart. Make believe it doesn't exist. Then, you can admire the 6 month chart and feel like this thing is some kind of rocket ship.

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      • I am not as smart as some of the others on this board but I'll try to address this. One year ago, ATRS was good fundamentally but now we are FANTASTIC fundamentally. We weren't overvalued but just a little bit overextended. The same thing happened from march to may this year, we were extremely oversold for no apparent reason.

        I think everyone knows that we are fundamentally better right now than we were a year ago at 5.58. Fortress like balance sheet, otrexup approval launch, QST trials starting soon, QSM added to pipeline, etc, etc.

        But that doesn't matter to the technicians of the street. All they are interested is in our chart. And while our chart has been beautiful for the past 4 months, there's much more upside coming up ahead. And that's what the good technicians are focusing on. They wait on all these technical indicators, etc and the most bullish of all is the breaking of the 52 week high. It's almost like a self fulfilling prophecy. You saw what happened when we broke the 52 week high last year of 3.6...we were off to the races. But this time, we have the otrexup approval and all the momentum players will be aboard our train to $9 stop.

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