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  • daviscupper Aug 20, 2013 5:02 PM Flag

    Jab if you dont like me

    Go back to IHUB oh yeah you cant because you are a paid pumper

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    • I'm ambidextrous numbnutz, I can do both, post here on yahoo and on IHUB at will and with ease. However, you apparently can't. And you are right, I don't like you and you shouldn't be here. Go back to the ACAD board.

      So, let me get this straight, you are saying I can't go back to IHUB because I'm a paid pumper? Is that right mega brainiac?

      Here's a direct question for you. You just posted, "Go back to IHUB oh yeah you cant because you are a paid pumper"

      I have been invested one way or another in ATRS since 2003 just like so many other of the regulars on this board that you are fervently trying to clog up with laughable, sophomoric one liners. So in your infinite wisdom, why do you think I'm a paid pumper? Where is the proof of that? Or did someone tell you or instruct you that your statement suppose to have some kind of effect and/or reach potential investors because you in fact, want to steer investors away from a solid investment like Antares? Plus what you post and state and argue about, borders on the ridiculous and has only a meaning to a pea brain like you. Man, I feel sad for the likes of you!

      Care to challenge me again numbnutz? I'm in the mood to have some fun with you!

      Here's another question for you. What did you think of the last two articles about ATRS written on SA? Show us all, since you post so much on this board, why you are invested in ATRS.

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