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  • whogo70 whogo70 Oct 6, 2013 8:28 PM Flag

    Just read the first good idea on how we're going to get out of this political

    fight & have everyone save face. Obama has stated he won't negotiate since he doesn't want to set a precedent where one group is held hostage by another over the debt ceiling. The idea is to pass a law which allows the president to authorize spending even if we exceed the debt ceiling therefore eliminating the threat of a default in the future, In return Obama will negotiate on some spending bills that republicans support & I wouldn't be surprised to see the medical device tax thrown out of Obama care.

    I still don't think we get an agreement until the last minute, but this is how its going to play out.

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    • There is no reason to compromise if you have the vote of both the Senate and the House. And that seems to be the case here... Democracy 101.

      The fiscal matters should be addressed, but separately. Then, they can compromise.

    • Pass a law? This guy doesn't needs laws and a constitution............EXECUTIVE ORDERS baby !!!!..He's going to raise the debt ceiling...

      Sentiment: Hold

    • We all see and understand it is OUR CONGRESS that is failing to be responsible .Can we file a class action suit against our congress.Will the JUSTICE branch REMIND THEM of their FISCAL RESPONSIBILITES.Can they be brought to justice for failure to perform their fuduciary responsibilities?

    • If anyone really cared about spending would we have a unanimous vote to pay 880k people full wages to sit at home and wait this out. Tell me why these people deserve better than the millions of laid off Americans who only received unemployment comp and were put down by many as being lazy.

    • I really don't want to get involved in your political discussions/conundrums over there...but....
      Obama-care, I saw an interview with a republican senator who was trying to introduce a bill that would make all representatives in the house and senate use Obama-care and ditch the healthcare option they are using today. Apparently that is no popular at all not even Obama and Reid(don't know if the spelling is right) want that option. I assume it also apply to most other people in the house and senate. As it was stated in the interview "If the chef goes next door to eat soup you have to ask yourself what wrong with his own soup"

    • ...held hostage, .. negotiate with terrorists, ... gun to his head...
      Obama is already setting a precedent of president without civility...

    • immadashellandnotgoingtotakeit immadashellandnotgoingtotakeit Oct 6, 2013 10:35 PM Flag

      I hope your sources are correct. The far right in particular is trying to correct decades of spending shortcomings, initiated by both Democrats and Republicans, but I am hopeful their extremeism will be short lived and a more moderate atmosphere is established in DC. Costs need to be reduced but not on the backs of average citizens or at the expense of everyone's investment portfolio. The Tea Party and the extreme left are not friends to any of us.

    • I'm not in favor of that compromise. We have too much debt, overspending, over reach, waste, etc. We can't give any president or branch of govt the ability to have a credit card with no limit and no accountability.

    • yup. when i saw that things weren't going to resolve within a day or two, knew it would be a 11th hour it will be 16th or 17th whenever the deadline is.....

      along w. gov't shutdown....all lifted in the same time frame...

      as long as we get fda approval, share price will be fine...there might be bit more profit taking due to debt ceiling nervousness, but in due time, buyers will step in and we will be in the 5's ...

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