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  • fda_approval_trading fda_approval_trading Oct 21, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    with amount of frustration on this board

    maybe the bottom is coming soon.... maybe not yet.. but with amount of retail that's tired of this price action, maybe we will soon have a short term capitulation and rise from there...

    if we are really manipulated, maybe that's what the manipulator wants and will get.... they get cheaper shares, and they make money as ATRS rises...

    either you sell... and get rid of the pain/emotion.. or

    be patient and one of these days, all this pain will be forgotten

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    • Manipulation is/has become standard (The SEC police are either spread too thin or stocks like PRA and ATRS just don't hit their radar.). I was somewhat surprised that ATRS actually went DOWN after FDA approval (Not immediately, but still...). That leaves the question: Will PRAN behave similarly? Run up to results and decline afterwards? Don't know, but I do know that others know what I know and will sell pre-announcement; therefore ,(you got it!) may have to follow suit just to avoid getting hit. Crazy investment world (Of course, some will have gotten ahead of these comments and the rabbit hole could get even more convoluted).

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    • etr8der Oct 21, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

      The amount of frustration is definitely showing in the stock. Buyers have turned into sellers, and now price behavior suggests waiting on the sidelines a little while longer. The expected upward moving failed, so now the stock looks like it just wants to drift, barring any positive news.

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      • the thing about ATRS is that it's strange..

        when the entire investment community expected the stock to go up it didn't... other than pre-hours and 30 min of trading on 14th

        now, it's gloom and doom by many holders.... and the price is going down... BUT

        one never know... there will be a day, perhaps unexpectedly, that this thing will take off.. or at least start to take off and won't stop for many days and weeks...

        point never know... expect the least expected?

        let's see after the weekend's conference presentation and after Q earnings call.... i suspect we will at least hear some things straight from horse's mouth, rather than all this depressing talks...

    • I got really upset with the goings on last week but now I figure we just have to let the big boys play it out, there is nothing the normal retail guy can do here except watch the fire-power working away. Will be interesting to see the new holdings report next time.
      This thing better be at 6 for my birthday at the beginning of Feb. Otherwise.........

    • I don't believe this has anything to do with retail...but it sucks, is tiresome, frustrating...fill in your favorite adjective

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