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  • jrdelane jrdelane Oct 24, 2013 11:41 PM Flag

    From Investor Relations...

    Jack returned my call today, never spoken to him before. We dialogued for over 45 minutes. I spoke candidly and he was right there hearing me, responding in kind. Because he is restrained by SEC rules on insider information, he was able to purchase 24,000 shares recently. He is the only "insider" purchase of recent times, and he does get stock options like the others. He never worked for Pfizer, that was a figment of SM's imagination. He has never talked to SM, and wonders where he gets what he puts out there on SA--so much misinformation on the message boards by many known names, some posts are very damaging to the interests of the Company, putting clues out there for competitors. They are precluded by SEC laws/their partners from saying too much, and so they err on the conservative side, being accorded high marks by institutions for how they handle PR to shareholders. ABSOLUTELY no secondary in the works, wrong! $12-15 million cost to launch, specific launch plans under wraps so as not to tip off competitors. Same reason for lack of information as to insurance coverages.

    His message to me: "Great that you called the Company to get your information, we are here to answer your questions. DON'T HIDE BEHIND YOUR KEYBOARD!" Talk to the Company, be careful who you listen to on the message boards, so much misinformation there. They care about the retail INVESTOR, he wants to hear from YOU. He acknowledges the volatility of late is due to traders, not investors. He spoke of his high regard for the integrity and ability of the management team to execute precisely and efficiently on the company's business objectives, that I'd made a great investment decision to buy and hold shares in the Company.

    That being said, wish I had traded some out over $5.00 as I'd have been a buyer today for sure. Holding now, may add shares tomorrow.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • That was an informative message,Tx. I hope a big part of there launch is going directly to MD's offices and supplying a few samples to the Rheumatologists and Dermatologists to show how easy their delivery system works. That will be money worth spent. Going to the ACR and speaking is nice but having the product in the office so it get be shown to the pt. is key. I have a great number of pts. on MTX and would love to try this product when available, but when mention injection to some pts ,they balk at the idea, so if you can show them the simplicity of the product first hand that makes a hugh difference.There success in the launch is also going to be cost driven as well. Let's hope for competitive pricing.

    • i know jack personally from when we were teenagers...he's an honest , straightforward guy. that's the truth - and all i'm gonna say on the matter

    • Good morning jrdelane,

      First off thanks for sharing info on your talk with Mr, Horwath.

      Secondly,below is the synopsis on Mr. Horwath issued by ATRS on 27Feb 2012. Please note that there is no mention of him working for Pfizer. I believe that King Pharma was acquired by Pfizer . When I don't know.

      "Mr. Howarth joins Antares from King Pharmaceuticals, where he served as the Vice President of
      Investor Relations, joining the Company through King’s acquisition of Alpharma in 2008. Prior to this
      role, Jack held senior leadership positions in investor and media relations at KOS Pharmaceuticals
      and Elan Corporation, as well as positions of increased responsibility in finance and corporate
      development during a career spanning almost two decades at Warner Lambert Company. Mr.
      Howarth received his B.S. degree in Accounting from Boston College and his M.B.A. in Finance from
      Seton Hall University"

      Que Dios te bendiga!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to fmurph1
      • i think Jack working for King Pharma which got acquired by PFE is a well known fact... not sure why Scott M thinks Jack worked there... my guess is that Scott is using circumstantial evidence - that Jack worked at 2 companies that were later acquired by PFE - as a basis for BO theory...

        Even though Jack never did work for PFE... when you have experience working at 2 companies and those two companies got bought out by PFE... I am sure that does, at least, give him some understanding of how PFE works and PFE surely knows who Jack howarth is.... any credibility there at PFE because of Jack's past ? maybe... doesn't hurt...

        None of this indicates a BO is imminent...

        But it doesn't mean BO can't happen to ATRS.... Regardless of Jack, I think big pharma would be a fool not to buy out ATRS sooner than later... I just don't know when... Scott has a crystal ball apparently and I do NOT

    • I am trying to understand the great concern about "competitors" that Howarth was understood to express. What is this concern?

      Somehow, I had the impression that the whole point was the ABSENCE of any direct competitors in the US, for subcutaneous methotrexate auto injectors, resulting from the strong patent position. Additionally, the FDA approval also grants a kind of exclusivity for a period. This point was brought out by ATRS itself. It is essentially the whole point of ATRS since neither the medication nor other means of subcutaneous injection are excluded from the market.

      In fact, while in principle generally positive, the aggressive pursuit of patents has not translated into quantifiable benefit, so far, as it has not generated incremental business though I understand that there may be a time delay. From what one sees, it has not prevented the emergence of other self injectors as for example the unit just recently developed by Roche for the subcutaneous administration of Herceptin, or the countless units used in the administration of insulin. Where is the business from these patents?

      I will look through the 10K again to try to understand this delicate competitive situation, because as is it seems too much like an convenient explanation for managements apparent aversion to public communication with investors and shareholders.

      No competitor, whose business it is to know what is going on in their field and have countless sources of input, needs Loko's posts on the Yahoo message-board to inform itself.

    • Thanks jrdelane!!!!

    • Jr, Thanks for sharing. I realize they can't say to much but its very re-assuring to hear the gest of your conversation. Like many people here, I have a considerable investment involved and I plan to keep adding shares. Thanks again.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • In your post, you put "ABSOLUTELY no secondary in the works, wrong! " That is a double negative and very ambiguous.

      Are you saying that the statement 'there is no secondary in the works' is wrong?

      Or are you trying to say 'there is absolutely no secondary in the works'.

      Then throwing 12-15M to launch implies a need for cash.

      It's easy to see how bad info gets out there.

    • I find it, at the very least, astounding that a CEO would spend 45 minutes talking about BB bs... Just doesn't ring true....
      I would strongly suspect that he just might have something much better to do. After all that's what IR is for...

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 1 Reply to results75
      • JR talked to Jack - he is IR guy, not CEO...

        Nevertheless, I agree... In my world, IR guy doesn't spend much time browsing/reading message boards and as much as it's refreshing that IR guy would talk to a caller for 45 min, I would think there is greater value and would reach a wider investor community IF he and the CEO team would spend more concerted effort in reaching out the investor community as a whole through other mediums.... (ACR presentation this weekend is such one, but they need more of that)...

        I guess one can take JR's call w/ Jack as a half glass full or half glass empty.... but I don't find much encouragement there, other than 1) Jack bought shares in open market and insiders sell monthly and at FDA decision day, 2) NO offering coming but most of us knew it wouldn't come anyway, 3) Jack says there are 'bad bad' people on these boards talking bad things... oh really Jack? you just figured that out about YHB? 4) being secretive is going to be the way going forward, as it has been in the past...

        For me, this is not half glass full....

        by the way, so Jack doesn't think I am an evil person.. I hold well over 200K shares for a year or so, and I would like nothing but for this company to succeed and PPS to follow. I am not a basher, I don't short, I don't even buy and sell constantly like whogo...

        but I absolutely think ATRS IR and communication is one of the worst I have ever seen in 2 decades.

        Call me whatever names you want, this is not acceptable.

    • Thanks JR. good summary.
      If he says there are so much mis-information on thse boards, I wonder what he's referring to. Other than SM coming to the board once in a blue moon to write about imminent offering/secondary because Jack likes to favor institutions, or SM constantly singing BO for past 1 year, what other mis-information is there? All other stuff is stuff that every message board has - too much optimism or too much pessimism. Actually, ATRS board, driven by few longs, is full of optimism mostly. I can't see why Jack would point that out...

      Then there is LOKO.. he has written about more far reaching implications and speculations over the course of the past year.... Not sure if any one of them is or will turn to fruition. Would Jack have an issue with that?

      All i am saying is all the things JR is stating makes sense (based on what Tappy and few others have wrote about Jack and his ways).

      But if JACK is saying there are many wrong information here - I am curious to know what those things are.... unless he is purely referring to Offering and BO speculations that's been abundant here on the board.... But to me, that's not uncommon for yahoo finance boards of any stock.... boards are for speculations and rumors... I think Jack is naive if he thinks ATRS is the only stock w/ such things being written about them...

      In any case, I don't hear anything here from Jack that I get excited about.... It seems same old Jack no matter who is on the other line.

      He seems too stubborn to realize that he MAY be RIGHT about management being conservative, being careful, and all of that #$%$, but unless management communicates with the investor community on real concerns, management is FAILING in its job to take care of the shareholders...

      No matter what 5 year chart looks like, we were at $4 last Oct and we are at $4 this Oct. Paul the CEO and gang HAVE NOT delivered for the shareholders. This is a FACT

    • Jr.
      Many thanks to you ( and Jake) for the summary.
      I understand the competitive reason they have to keep some information secret, but I think they can communicate over all roadmap to share holders, to reduce uncertainty.
      Thanks again

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