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  • lokodaug lokodaug Oct 26, 2013 12:48 PM Flag

    Loko facts for Jack.


    The HARD facts..100% solid facts... no one can deny... no matter what readers think of Loko. And sorry Jack, the competition knows it all already, only the little uninformed investors do not...

    Fact-1) Otrexup (TM), No trademark, never WILL get it. Yet ATRS continues to show they are still in the process of obtaining the Otrexup TM. THIS NEEDS EXPLAINING. Maybe naive investors do not care, but big investors do, and it is a red-flag. Thanks to Loko, for bringing it to readers attention.

    Fact-2) Otrexyo (R), This is a Pfizer TM, which is what stopped the Otrexup TM process . Thanks to Loko, for bringing it to readers attention.

    Fact -3 ) Otrexyo(R), Antares has registered websites back in July, using Pfizers trademark Otrexyo(R)... This needs explaining by ATRS. A Solid fact, and big investors know this. Thanks to Loko, for bringing it to readers attention.

    Fact-4) Mtexy (R), Recently registered Trademark. Contains everything in Otrexup, logo, and more. This needs to be explained. A Solid Fact! Thanks to Loko, for bringing it to readers attention.

    Fact 5) Mtexy(R), There are several MTEXY websites in a temporary holders name, "NameKing," which is what the company does.... secretly holds websites for future use. An interesting suspicious Loko Fact....

    Fact-6) Scopolamine a published NIHM document shows ATRS will get exclusive rights from NIHM, months ago. YET, no comment. Investors deserve some info, cause it is a potentially HUGE revenue generator. Bigger then QST. A Solid fact, and big investors know this. Thanks to Loko, for bringing it to readers attention.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • OK, you almost had me going Loko! The key word being WILL be granted exclusive rights to Scopolomine.

      How exactly do you expect management to handle this development? Not likely any public comment or news release prior to written or contractual confirmation from NIHM would be prudent or advisable from where I sit!

      Once officially confirmed then I'm sure we'll see the PR cross the wires.

      I saw that for awhile now you have been on the scopolomine trail and I still think very good work by you once again!


    • Interesting Loko and nice work! You are losing me on the significance of the Otrexup/Otrexyo TM conflict though. The reason for this is that commonly, many clinical products are never named and trade marked until after FDA approval with the unveiling of the marketed name as part of the commercialization kick-off. If Mtexy, fine and so be it! Other than that, it all adds up to more of the signature company cloak and dagger strategic secrecy which is,,,,,,,,,,what it is and OK with me as long as a strategic advantage is the pay off.

      The Scopolamine find is really fascinating information. If an exclusive rights agreement has been consummated, I really can't explain what the exception would be to requiring public release of a "material event" within the mandatory timeframe. Obviously there must be some kind of confidentiality exemption or the silence wouldn't fly with the SEC and management is far to competent to make errors in this regard.

      Comments Lok?


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    • daviscupper Oct 26, 2013 9:05 PM Flag

      you are a frick'n racist per your yahoo deleted post I read before yahoo deleted it. you don't belong on any board posting anything. you are one sick person.

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