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  • whogo70 whogo70 Nov 19, 2013 10:10 PM Flag

    Talk is cheap

    Its pretty clear the company needs something significant to change the perception. The stocks not going to hold any gains without a 10 million volume day due to an unexpected announcement or positive earnings. I wouldn't be surprised for the stock to trade in this range for another year.

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    • whogo, hope not, but u may be correct. While I am not concerned with losing a lot on a big drop, as surely it is near bottom, at same time, I don't want lots of dead money, it might as well be in cash. Are u in HALO and HZNP, both have done well recently, with promise of continuing. I have also ventured into beaten down value type plays, ARNA, ARIA, DNDN. Any thought on them? Also, u know anything about ERB? Looks to have a good future, has doubled in past week.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • I'm not doing a lot of investing until I see whats going on with the debt debates. The last two caused 1000 pt drops & presented good buying opportunities. I've got HALO. & ACAD. I'm adding PGNX, but thats it until next year.

        Looks like you've got a good strategy. Buy a basket of the biggest dogs. Most biotechs have some life in them if you time it right. No idea about ERB, but if its doubled in the last week then I'm not interested.

    • mbus57 Nov 20, 2013 9:15 PM Flag

      You guys are brutal . Whogo's the man , everyone has a right to an opinion
      an a position. Steve are u topgunbioinvester , if not it sure seems so.

    • whogo - talking about cheap - i think i know something cheaper - your integrity on this board...

      all to make a few cents, your tactless up and down posts are unbecoming of a man with any sense of integrity. but of course, as long as u make few cents, it doesn't matter for you.

    • Guess that means you'll be on other message boards in the mean time. Great, we'll see ya in a year. Enjoy yourself.

    • I'm not sure what stock you are referring to whogo. Get my drift?

    • Whogo can you go and post your garbage on a board that belongs to a stock that you are invested in.

    • Yep, it is pretty pretty pretty clear. Watton is not taking us any where in the short term. Off 50c now so will remain stuck for long but I guess that is ok. Ultimately it might turn out to be better than the 0.1% returns that banks would give you.

    • jeff Nov 20, 2013 6:29 AM Flag

      I think it's safe to say more and more investors (retail AND institutional) are starting to see that this stock is nothing special. Not everyone, but more and more anyway. But yes, the tide has turned and I agree with you 100%. Something significant needs to happen or this will be dead money for another year.

      You know what really makes me angry at myself? Buying back in after the dilution. I knew that was a horrible idea (for the stock price, not the company itself) I knew it. I sold a few days afterwards and should have never looked back. But I talked myself into buying back in.

    • It sure doesn't act like the stock Tappy describes. Heck, even ANIP, formerly BPAX has put in a stellar year since the ANIP merger, doubling in price. Some others I own HZNP and HALO have also more than doubled since I purchased them in March. And where is ATRS, about the same, or .25 higher than my lowest purchases. Waiting for the revenues that translate into earnings is what the market demands for this stock to rise, or like Whogo says, a BIG announcement or buyout, partnership. I would say it's a de-risked investment but after all the volatility and with the way it attracts the short side, not so sure of that either. I still own a large bucket full, but there are many other names that are rising nicely and which subsidize my investment in ATRS.

    • are you nuts? Oct 14 was a 13million volume day. Did it hold those gains? 10M day means nothing.

      Partnership announcement with 5M upfront means nothing

      3 brokerage firms upgrading their price targets with average at 6.3 means nothing

      Maybe if wotton buys, that may mean something

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