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  • bestinvestor14 bestinvestor14 Jan 8, 2014 2:31 PM Flag

    what is the general sentiment among the long timers

    its like being blindfolded and put on a giant wheel. Dont know when we reach the top. whogo seems to be giving out signs of reaching his target (maybe he already is out?). Others like scotstrade and nthnsh who apparently sold about 30K each at 4.5 (just based on posts here, reality could be different for all posters).
    what is the general feeling among others like newbie, jrd, nammu, tappy etc (others not mentioned too) who could potentially be looking more at specific targets rather than these swings?
    Could we be seeing another pump and dump here?? Or could this be the turning point for atrs (retracing still is a given for any rise but atleast the forward strength is significant)?

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    • I bought AIS in 2006, 2007, and 2009. I have sold a little when it grew to be 1/3 of my brokerage acct. I will probably do the same in the future, sell in drips and drabs as it grows, but I don't see any reason to make plans to sell the whole thing. Their approach is so much safer (from an FDA approval perspective) than other biotechs. Will probably liquidate sometime after I retire.

    • I've owned for 3yrs, very seldom post. Own 220k shares with 1400 contracts written with a 5 strike price for feb. and may. Ugh!!!! I think we keep slowly rising till mid feb. Then we will start getting info on sales and will then either we take off or start slumping. Obviously I think we take off. Good luck to all longs. Screw the shorts. Hehe

    • I've been in and out of this stock since 1.90 many years ago.
      Right now I'm holding 25k shrs since march of last year. before that I was trading in and out. my avg shr prce is 3.54
      I'm holding for one year for tax purposes. but this year is going to be pretty good for this company so I just might hold further. so what would the price of this company be in 6 years? it would prolly be bought out by then.
      Actually I could see this bought out in 2 years at which point I would bail out.


    • I am holding a solid large position here, did lighten in the high 4.50's and some @less before that to create room for a major other position I had built in HZNP. Today I had twin gains in the two positions, but I have twice the gains in my HZNP position in half the time since I bought my first 8,000 shares back in March '13.! Going forward holding both now and its going to be fun. I am looking to double or triple my $ in HZNP this year, and see what happens with ATRS where I have a profound sense of long term loyalty w/50K shares. I have waaaaayyy outperformed owning a house by using my equity to invest in my biotechs. Love where I am renting! Best to all here, especially longs. Short squeeze!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • counting stars.
      if we do 10% per week, in 50 trading weeks, i.e. at the end of 2014, we will have 500% gain.
      That's more than we were projecting (14 in 2014).

    • Holding...GLTA

    • I'm in for the long run, I don't have the guts to trade in and out and I'm in very good shape since I've been in since before Libigel(I might vent my frustration occasionally when we are going sideways or being manipulated). I'm sure we are looking at one or more fund's accumulating here and the short's have not started covering yet but they have started the fight back by selling below market as you can see in the after hours. It looks like everything they put out is being snapped up right away. There is no pump and dump because there's been no pump :o).
      Regardless of how much I hated Howart's statement about the breakout year..this could be the start since I don't think there be anything but good news coming out from here on in, good launch new products etc.
      There be some ups and downs but I think the shorts will get fried.
      We should be at least 8 by year end, even if I prefer Loko's 14 in 14 :o)
      Good Luck to us and may some people migrate to the board of their preferred stock.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I have been in ATRS over two years, since it was AIS. I am very optimistic long term and cautious short term only because of the current RSI (78) and the fact that we have gone up 68 cents over the past 7 trading days. I am anxious to know who is buying. Has been strong on the buy side all week and that's what helps to move a stock.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I feel good... duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh... like I know I should.... duh nuh nuh nuh nuhnuh nuh... so good... duh duhn... so right ...duh duh... I feell ... duh duh duh duh duh... yea!

      Not sure if those are the correct words to that oldies hit.... but my mom use to jam it on the way to elementary in the early 90's and late 80's.

      Who can name that hit? I think I may have the words wrong too..

      Sentiment: Hold

    • best:

      As a long time investor, I'm not so much focused on the trading day to day as I'm not flipping a portion of shares in and out. My core is my core and I see no reason to change strategy. If you are familiar with Ihub, take a look at the chart I put together. The bar chart is a graphic representation of each years trading since 2008 (basically since Wotton took over). From 2008 - 2013, the yearly low price of ATRS has increased each year, the closing price has increased each and every year. The only aberration in the graph is the high price in 2012 of $5.58. Otherwise, the trend line for each of the 3 metrics from lower left to upper right.

      And I see no fundamental reason for this year over year trend to NOT continue. So as far as price targets, I will let it all play out.

      From a chartists perspective, its possible the pps could level off at this level or maybe still climb a little then level off and trade sideways until we get a catalyst to break out to new highs. I say chartists perspective because from last Oct 15 until now, one can see a cup formation and maybe without some news, we'll see a sideways drifting handle before the next leg up. Whatever the future trading reveals, I'm content to see it play out.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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