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  • This is the ATRS board. The stock is green every day and someone wants to chat it up another equity. How about the ucoming presentation on the 16th and the fact that our sales team is boot on the ground on the 27th.!! Get a grip newbiemike. If you are going to tout other equites on this board you need to come with better equites then CHTP.

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    • YOU must be a mind reader mdr! I was just about to start a JPM thread to regain MB focus when your post popped up.

      Truthfully, I'd much prefer to be a fly on the wall soaking up info during ALL the post conference Q & A sessions with attending analysts instead of only getting what gets served to "non-paying" customers. That said, we might get MUCH MORE at this juncture than what we already know!

      Your launch comment happens to be central to what my instincts are telling me. A steady flow of anecdotal evidence, over the last 2 months or so, indicating launch positives seems to be building like a tidal wave and the strong volume rise in the PPS all but verifies this.

      I "don't know the answer definitively" but the current mad scramble for shares could be due to pre-launch reconnaissance alerts to Uman to "jack-up production" to meet above expected demand right out of the gate. "Perhaps" the just mentioned is why Dr. Wotton surprised everybody with the now famous "we should have sufficient launch data by the June/July timeframe to accurately assess sales trajectory looking forward". "WOW"!

      Needless to say MD. if this is the case, any remaining questions regarding the near, intermediate, and even longer term growth prospects of this company is then "PURELY ACADEMIC" It'll be all over because then the bridge to the increasingly lucrative revenue generating products of the future (pipeline as/is) will be COMPLETE. What this means more simply is predictable, strong, SEQUENTIAL Q/Q top line growth UNINTERRUPTED clear into 2018 with the only speed bump being when the front loaded Pfizer collaboration runs it's course after 2 "very lucrative years" of commercialization say mid 2018.

      FWIW, The institutional money mangers LOVE this kind of growth VISIBILITY!


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      • Koufax, a very good post. The investors in ATRS are going to be well rewarded in the coming 12 to 36 months. It may be quicker than many realize. The management has done an excellent job executing the business model, and managing cash flow. I always appreciate your contributions to this message board, and good luck to you in your market decisions.
        Regards, Senior

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Mdr,

      Why?? CHTP has only gone up about 350% this year. May help to look at it's performance first than post!

    • Mdr0418, will you say the same thing if CHTP is trading for $10 in a little over a month. Of course it could also be trading for 70 cents.

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