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  • fda_approval_trading fda_approval_trading Jan 20, 2014 8:23 PM Flag

    lots of views this time around

    well, insider sales has been ongoing for a while now, but this time around there are a lot more heated views and opinions on this board and on twitter.

    interesting right? maybe it is because it is a new year? perhaps it is because we just launched Otrexup officially and folkb did not see this coming? perhaps people thought Paul was done selling?

    whatever the reasons are, there does seem much greater degree of displeasure ...

    i have read all the posters and as always, it is the same. same oldies with same scripted write up. few like ryman, andre who seem more balanced... then true knuckleheads who make no sense.

    lets see what happens... doubtful that the shares will see a rise given this is so much retail driven and retail sentiment is not good.

    i am still waiting for .. not this week ..but for next 2-3 major events / pop ... that is the time to sell...

    not this week ..

    go Broncos..

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    • fda
      there is more to the story why the displeasure and anxiety is higher now, not last year when the prices were deep in the basement around 3.50. We finally launch our FIRST product and officially change the status from development to product company. When we, the small investor, were celebrating, the CEO was selling shares.
      Could he wait a month and sell? Yes, he could but he is so ignorant and disrespectful.
      Did he really needed so badly these couple of thousand dollars? No, he just enjoyed ruining the party.

      Here is the main problem - he is not trustworthy and will screw the investors at the first opportunity and sell the company for pennies.

      Recently I had a nice position in GENT, I started to build a position there because the story was compelling. I was hopping that I finally found my next ALXN for the years to come, but the management sold the company for 3% premium. To see how weird it was, JAZZ jumped 8% on the announcement of the deal and GENT dropped down 3%!?! It was disgusting and I sold immediately.

      Our CEO will do the same, as soon as he has the opportunity to cash in.
      Ryman is very reasonable man, but he still dreams about 10-12$ BO. To get such price you need a CEO who cares for the investors. Forget it ryman, Wotton does not care at all and he will sell the company for $4.90 tomorrow or 44.50 next week or 4.20 next month
      Cross your fingers that nobody wants to buy us and hope for decent sales numbers. I do believe Otrexup is a good product and will sell eventually well.

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      • Andre.
        not 10-12 , but more likely 7.5-10.
        my reason
        Paul is an arrogant with super large ego and he will need to show the whole world that he can get the company to 1 billion market cap.
        So I based my estimates on Paul ego....

      • Why would wotton work so hard to sell pennies on the dollar, he has a fiduciary duty for everyone in the company and investors. I'm sure Jack H. won't want to sell his shares on the cheap since he bought all of his shares with his hard earned money. Look at the solid pipe line thats in its fragmatory stages. A lot of these investors will follow who ever buys this company. Now it a wait for earnings. Until something negative happens, I will park my investment here. I just see some nervous nellies here so far.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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