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  • koufax62 koufax62 Feb 6, 2014 1:18 PM Flag


    These guys are just popping out of the woodwork lately! I wonder why?

    Somehow I doubt seriously that they would be candid about their true motives for sharing such enlightening commentary!


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    • Sure RV, most everyone in the stock is aware of the recent news on the low-T front and I personally am not concerned about it.

      MDs are going to have to be more thorough in the exam & diagnosis phase. Correct diagnosis coupled with prescribing the most desirable/safe/effective treatment.

      QST looks like a shoe-in to become a huge success for Antares primarily based on it's clear cut superiority over current alternatives.

      FWIW, I look forward to Dr. Wotton addressing any questions relating to this issue on the upcoming CC!

      Thanks RV


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      • koufax62
        I share your lack of concern over the FDA's new noise about
        Testosterone and potential heart problems.
        Nor am I concerned about the upcoming clinical trial result
        for our QST -which should be out late this month or early
        next; I have every confidence they will be just fine.

        ATRS had several recent events which should have moved the
        stock nicely up (Otrexup FDA approval - the LEO partnership
        for Psoriasis - The product launch - the JP Morgan web cast) -
        but they haven't.

        It seems many investors are waiting for the next big news -
        which will be prescriptions written for Otrexup. If they are
        good - very good - that will not only cement Antares as a
        "real" Specialty Pharma Company - and be a significant revenue
        producer - but will validate QST (which should be a block-buster)
        and give heightened encouragement that QSM will be pretty
        So it now seems the Otrexup launch results will be about make
        it - or break it - for Antares and for us.
        We have bet - invested - risked our money on the success of the
        We are small fry - on the outside - looking in.
        I am making some assumptions here - But I doubt LeRoux Jooste
        (who was insturmental in the success of products like Enbrel) -
        That Bruce Freundlich - Head of Rhumautology at the University
        of Pennsylvania) and others (who had access to all the facts and
        more importantly, know how to interperate them) - would have
        risked their careers and reputations by joining ATRS if there
        was any chance in their minds that Otrexup (and thus) ATRS would
        be less than a major winner.
        Same goes for the Analysts and Institutions who are on board -
        And I am guessing that when the institutional buy/sell data is
        available (I think in mid February) we will see numbers heavily
        weigheed to the buy side - and they will be only Q-4 numbers-
        I wish we could see early 2014 purchases (but for that, unless
        anyone knows how to dig up the date better than I do) we will
        have to wait a few months.

        So - frustrated that we are not a lot higher - confident that we
        will be - and I think for all the right reasons.
        GOOD LUCK

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • koufax.
        Let me add one more think
        Low-T users who inject themselves are not the recreational users, but mainly the ones who fail the gel.
        So here the medical need might be higher than the risk (same with MTX)
        there are many medications on the market with severe side effects that are used by both recreational and medical users.
        In my opinion QST address the medical use.

    • Rearview, the recent low-T news hasn't been good PR, Of course not, but only half the story is coming out. Yes there is evidence of misdiagnosing along with improper screening of patients with heart health maladies. The ramirfications are obvious.

      The other side of the coin is that there is in fact a large segment of the US population suffering from low-T that aren't even aware of the problem.

      When these questions get addressed and answered and the dust settles, the market will remain very large and QST will be situated "prominently" amonst the available "most effective" therapies out there. Just consider the alternatives and you understand Dr. Wotton's decision making process electing to participate in this space.


    • Most likely FDA is that it's a personality anticipating a positive QST PR, possibly as early as A/H today or Fri am *I don't know for sure, and is laying a barrage of BS on us before the stock breaks back up out of this prime time buying zone.

      The usual song and dance routine for flippers. They bash when they want to buy and pump when they want to sell at higher prices.

      Stick to the Antares facts and the rhetoric is meaningless!


    • what I wonder is if MDR really did make 100% gain from $2... and now in the $4's... why would he bash or be negative to a company that's given him triple digit return.

      frankly, I be very happy and my tone would be one of gracious gesture.

      he announces that he's sold... says he has gone to 100% guarantee land in the OZ....

      worst, he says he won't post again on this board and has already posted two more than he said he would.

    • Hi Koufax,
      are you invested in any other companies or just $ATRS? Thanks in advance..

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