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  • joeblack98119 joeblack98119 Feb 14, 2014 10:36 AM Flag

    Patience Testing

    I have been here since the AIS days and have been accumulating up until about two weeks ago when I hit my target holdings. But I have to say, my patience is being tested. Don't get me wrong, I have no intention on selling, not even 1 share, as I believe this year is the break out year, although not til Q3 of this year. But I had hoped and expected that we would be higher by now (flirting with 5 and not 4 at the bare MINIMUM). This stock no doubt is the ultimate patience tester.... Sheesh.

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    • I have been a Chicago Cubs fan since I was a little kid. ATRS doesn't test my patience at all.

    • I have in the past commented to the wife that ATRS has taught me to be patient. I am no longer impatient at the grocery line, bank line, gas line etc. For that I am grateful...that you Dr. Wotton.

      Now doesn't today's chart of ATRS look like a patient that has flat-lined:). Oh, wait...there's a sign of life.

    • joeblack98119
      Regarding your post about ATRS being the Ultimate Patience Tester..

      A few points to consider:

      Most here watch the share price and look for news every day - and
      for those people it is certainly frustrating. But for the average passive
      investor who looks at their portfolio once a month or once a quarter -
      the returns provided for ATRS over a 2-3-5 years has been excellent-
      especially considering we have no exotic clinical trial, the failure of
      which, could have us selling at 50c. So our reward came/ comes with little
      risk so it should be comfortable for investors to hold quite large positions.

      As for News - we have had a fair amount- But looking out a little bit
      into the future, we have:

      Three TEVA/ ATRS partnership products waiting for FDA approval
      which could/ should come any day now.
      Clinical trial results later this month from QST which should be fine.
      Launch of LEO / Otrexup in March (at the large Dermatology show);
      which I am guessing will come with another $5 million milestone payment.
      Earnings release and a conference call in the first few weeks of March - I expect great optimism.
      We presented at both RBC and Cowen in Q-1 last year - I am hoping and expecting we will
      repeat this year.
      Otrexup prescription numbers should trickle in within a few weeks or months and I expect
      (with all the pre launch work done by ATRS management) that numbers will be more than
      We should soon know the identity of QSM and there are great opportunities in Neurology for
      ATRS' technology.
      And we still have TEVA 4/5 and Pfizer in clinical trials and some data should come to us sometime
      this year.

      If ATRS was a private company - and we didn't see day to day stock price
      fluctuations - just the accomplishments of the company - I am sure all of ATRS'
      investors would be delighted.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Hi Tappy, As usual, your comments are "right on." I am an old time AIS guy, as you are, and lately I have adopted a "patience workshop" strategy to help see me through with the ATRS crawl. Here are some of my patience training procedures, which I post here to help other ATRS investors get through these difficult times:

        1) Whenever I go to the supermarket, I look for the slowest cashier and then get in the longest line. If there is a light blinking over a register indicating a problem, I choose that line straightaway as their is generally a undetermined long wait. Then I calmly talk to myself about how patience is good for one's health.
        2) I watch the television traffic reports, and always take the longest route to my destination: if there is an accident somewhere, all the better.
        3) I love ice fishing, so I drill my fishing holes in the places on the lake where I know there are few fish. Watching for hours for a "tip-up" in the freezing cold on a windy lake builds character.
        4) Instead of watching the exciting USA men's and women's ice hockey at the Olympics, I look for a golf channel, or better still, bowling, to teach myself patience about waiting for Olympic sports results.
        5) I always try to go to a popular restaurant on Friday or Saturday without dinner reservations, which allows me to practice "cooling my heels" in the drafty foyer while waiting for a table.
        6) And finally, I wade through all the superficial and tedious comments on the ATRS message board daily--yours being an exception.
        Good luck to all.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Tappy,
        That really sums it up. Good post full of fact's. I really do not understand some of the people who are jumping ship now after having been here for a long time(or maybe they aren't bu just saying so).
        If Otrexup flops I might have to join the guys on the bridge, if we can find a rock large enough to tie us to!
        But I honestly believe that we will be going places this year(just look at the line items in your post).
        Long and Strong GLTA

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Tappy -

        I understand what irons ATRS has in the fire and the potential irons to be added later. I am not down on the fundamentals. I believe this stock will pay off huge. I am one of the few who actually believe that if their is no buyout that there is potential for this to be a $50 stock around 2017/2018. However, I just expected that we would be north of $5 at this point in time. Although it does not really matter as I have no intention on selling. Seeing huge paper gains does give me a warm and fuzzy feeling....

        Long and Strong.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • tappy.. all true and valid points... but still, fact of the matter is, when you look at pps, the market is still very skeptical of ATRS and the pps is not performing to the market.

        nothing that gets posted here - yours or mine will move this stock.

        let's see what next several weeks bring. for me, it's key to assessing my holdings. just hope all of those things aren't priced in. we've had Otrexup approval, launch, LEO partnership, and even Paul giving confident talk on QST data... all of those had very little impact on pps because this is a SHOW ME stock and my sense is Otrexup prescription data / revenue might be the only thing that will kick this thing out of doldrum.

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