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  • mbus57 Feb 15, 2014 12:16 PM Flag


    When are you going to buy back in ?
    Inquiring minds want to know.
    Institutional ownership up, O sales coming .

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    • mbus, think about it? Most of the posters on the board will be doing cartwheels if ATRS can trade at $5 again & they'll be telling everyone how smart they are to get that 10% gain. You know its the truth. Whats going to move it higher then that 10% gain? I don't see anything for another year so I don't mind just watching & then buying back in once I see how Otrexup sales are progressing & if the backlash against testosterone subsides.

      I'm making 10% with my utilities & I don't have to deal with the hassles of holding the stock. In 6 months or a year then ATRS may look more attractive to me. I realize I run the risk of a buy-out or big news but I'm willing to risk it.

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      • whogo
        I am impressed - you are the first one to compare the expectation for return of ATRS to utility. Very realistic and with a strong contrast to most of the posters who expect miracles.
        Your approach make a lot of sense - park large amount of money in a stock which will give you at least 10% return for a year and play high risk bets with the rest.
        I try do the same, however I prefer to park my money in ATRS, you in utilities like SO.
        - ATRS has no debt, SO - 23B debt, 116 dept to equity ratio
        - ATRS does not depend from the interest rates, SO is strongly correlated to rates and bond performance - just compare the performance of SO to a good bond fund like PONDX in the last 1,2,5 and 10 years. PONDX is always outperforming SO in any time interval
        - SO have 4.7% dividend yield , PONDX has 5.3%

        In fact when you say that you prefer utility to ATRS, you actually are moving your money to bond like investment. Is it a good idea to buy bonds when the interest rate are expected to rise? I don't know, it is your call. But I prefer ATRS and I am willing to take the risk that the ATRS pps is stagnant for another year.

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