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  • jtechkid1969 jtechkid1969 Oct 6, 2010 8:55 PM Flag

    FYI big call volume in oct

    Monster call volume 3 days on a row out of nowhere . This news as affy Said basily means not much regarding if company s like takeda ect want
    the drug . It means nothing except you go to court for 5-10 years or you settle for a royalty payment with jnj . The key is the drug , and does jnj or takeda want to buy the whole thing? Obvious they both want the drug and patent . As affy has stated this ruling has no bearing if they won or lost in the selling of the drug.

    The funny thing most of the after-hours volume 25k is from guys on this board - ha

    My point the big call volume or buy interest in my opinion has nothing to do this ruling . You would think the big call buying is eculation on a filing with FDA or a takeover.

    The big guy buying the calls in size has nothing to do with the outcome of this minor ruling. Affy has all along said no matter what the decision it will have bearing on filing and selling the drug. That's the main point.

    Nobody buying calls based on this decision is my point .

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    • I'm not sure how long you have been in this stock?

      The point is, the Patent issue should have been resolved in such a way that both "AFFY" & "JNJ" both owns the patent jointly.

      That was the expectation of the street and more so in favour of AFFY.

      Rightnow JNJ has the upper hand, look at what happened to Roche drug, AMGN got it stopped from entering US for patent violation. This is a very serious issue.

      JNJ has the muscle to squeeze Affy. Takeda will watch from the sidelines and they will not make a move.

      The incentive here was, Takeda might buy them out, now this is gone!

      So do your DD and it will take more than a year for the drug to get approved provided JNJ didn't place the wrench!

      I still hold a core position, but expect the share to drop bigtime on huge volume.

      GLTA LONGS!!

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      • Hasn't Takeda known about this patent dispute all along and haven't they still continued their partnership knowing the possible outcome? There was worry that they would pull out after the study results came out but they didn't. It seems to me that Takeda sees much more potential in their partnership with this company than they some give them credit for.

        If I'm not understanding this then please correct me. TIA

      • Affy sued jnj in 2004 not the other way around so this has been going for over 6 years and if you read the filing it has no bearing on the success or the marketing of the drug as stated in the press release. In other words, iff affy trial was a complete success and their no warning signs and the stock opened up at 45$ and was taxing there today because of the blockbuster drug your telling of this ruling came out market would be concerned. Cmon

        This stock was 25$ six months ago based on the drug and nobody cared about this ruling back then to big degree. Remember , affy sued jnj it's not the other way around.

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