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  • who_gnu_1235 who_gnu_1235 Oct 9, 2010 10:41 AM Flag


    5767078 appears to be a broad patent covering PEG dimers. Isnt Hematide a PEG dimer and if so why shouldnt it be covered by 5767078? Comments welcome.

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    • For AMGN to prove its efficacy, it needs to conduct a similar trial, for a monthly dosage option for efficacy.

      Safety and efficacy is established for daily dosage, for monthly it is yet to be proven. Will take another 1 - 2 years before it concludes the trials.

      From all indications I suspect JNJ will jump to buy AFFY! There is NOT much alternative left for both the parties, since this makes perfect business sense!


    • Even if Amgen manages to go from weekly to by weekly dosing that's still more than the once a month for Hematide and Amgen's drug costs more than Hematide.

    • •Fire all employees except the F...king automated answering system
      •Close the doors and throw that F..king C.nt Arlene out the front door
      •Cancel all options and restricted stock for the worthless management as they deserve nothing
      •Distribute the cash per share to shareholders who bought stock in the open market
      •Auction off the Hematide rights and all patents

      Hopefully soon before the cut throat lawyers start chasing for the civil suits……….

    • it's a clear patent violation...cost saving from cera are non-existent--"bundling" is the solution that has been opted for by the FDA regarding cost savings....Hematide has shown non-inferiority on all fronts, including safety!-- when the full trial results are viewed as a whole (as was intended by the design of the trial undertaken at FDA direction --by far the largest safety trial in this area ever conducted (5 times the size that Roche did for cera)...AFFy is trading at liquidation a stock buy and hold risk/reward it beats any other company mentioned in the area of ESOs

    • Only one problem: Mircera is already approved and will be marketed by 2013-2014, if not before then due to FDA concerns regarding cost savings with CMS Medicare. Amgen will lose it's patents on Epo, Aranesp soon. However, Amgen has conducted a successful trial for dosing Aranesp on a 2 week and one month basis and could potentially submit for monthly dosing. Hence, you're dealing with competition from Aranesp (proven superior in safety to Hematide)and Mircera, which Roche will argue for early termination of the US injunction due to a "need for cost savings in the Medicare arena". Either way, Hematide is toast!

    • he most well known EPO drugs are Epogen, Procrit, and Aranesp (darbepoetin) all from Amgen (AMGN). They vary in indication. Epogen and Procrit require daily injections, and darbepoetin is modified to only require once-weekly injections. Hematide is different from all these drugs as it is a only a small protein a fraction of the size of the large EPO protein but retains the same stimulating function. As well, its PEGylation allows it to remain active in the body for about a month, thus only requiring once-monthly injections. Another drug, Micera from Roche (RHHBY.PK), uses PEGylated whole erythropoietin to accomplish the same function and dosing as Hematide. However, Micera is only approved in the EU, and cannot be marketed in the US due to patent infringement suits filed by Amgen. This situation poises Hematide to have the long-lasting erythropoietin market in the US essentially cornered.

    • Annual report for AFFY (2009) says Micera will come to the US in mid 2014. Hematide may be cheaper. Someone should buy AFFY and take a chance with AFFY trading near cash. BTW the annual report says for the deal between AFFY and Takada to end a 6 months prior written notice is required.

    • It's absolutely untrue that Hematide is the first ESA developed in "decades". Mircera (Roche) is FDA approved and will be marketed here in 2013. It's already shown a safe track record in the EU

    • It's been pushed down so low there is really no point in selling a previously established position here. As for a has been pushed so low AFFY is looking very vulnerable to a buyout offer by any number of well-heeled pharma concerns who think Hematide could be a strong competitor in this huge market currently dominated by a monopolistic drug...It is not up to Arlene to initiate or decide the matter; although successful sale of AFFY to a strong major pharma co might position her for an interesting future whether as a CEO somewhere else or as a consultant to industry.
      A great deal of the available float has been turned over in the last few months--with so many short term holders, this is an easy stock to manipulate so the pps only reflects very short term calculations.
      Hematide is the first successfully developed drug in this area in over two decades...that is the long term promise, and it is that promise that should be of interest to potential buyers of AFFY

    • YOU GUYS are dreaming there will be no buy out. Arlene the CEO has millions to cushion and will continue to defer teh buy out at all costs because if that is the case probably they will not keep her there and she will be out of work. All this talk about buy out and yet none of the candidates that you menioned not even remotely expressed their intent of a buy out. Common guys we all are adults here be more realistic. The price dropped from $25 to $5 for a reason and we all are looking for a miracle.(i hope so) but likely you will be hard pressed to see AFFY close to $10 and that is if they maintain their status quo with Takeda and their deep pockets if not it will be a slow death as far as the stock price goes. Talking to AFFY will get you no where because they will never admit defeat or any other stebacks they will however paint a rosy garden and us the shareholders will be right in the middle of it smelling roses provide by AFFY. i feel enraged due to lack of good news from mngt rather one bad news after another has been the norm lately. When I talked to them about 3 months ago they said they were going to wait until the dust settles and look at their options looks like the dust turned into mud and we are in it neck deep. Arlene will not be able to save us.

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