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  • jtechkid1969 jtechkid1969 Oct 16, 2010 2:07 PM Flag

    Jnj patent is a nothing. Focus on the drug

    Stop wasting time on the patent ruling it's a very minor ruling if anything . I followed affy for awhile and this arbitration ruling has been out there for years There is no way affy was 25$ six months ago and raised hunded of millions if this was a big deal because all the big firms who invest would model in a negative outcome . Affy has stated in past filing that Win or lose this ruling has no effect on there drug whatsoever . Regarding the stock blowup : affy cancelled a meeting and stock was 6.50$ with thousands of oct 6 calls traded as big traders bet big it was a takeout because of Arlene cancelled meeting . When the news came out that there was no buyout but the arbitration ruling all the traders were forced to sell there whole positions and dumped thousand of oct 6 calls they just bought in the market - they simply bet wrong on a takeover but this caused weak retail sellers like half those board, and other investors to throw in the towel . It happens but that's the chain of event let's see where stock is in couple weeks -

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    • Did you notice the calls were pretty active again this past Friday?

      The stock is trading below cash value and the company is moving toward filing the NDA.

      Interesting times to say the least... no place for a nervous person.

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      • The Jan calls were me so that means nothing at all . Ha

        I'm going to watch next couple days because they were buying the nov calls in size and let's see it continue next week-

        Remember, somebody bought 4,000oct 6 calls less than 2 weeks ago looking for something big at 50cents the oct6 and when stock retreated with jnj news try got dumped hard at 5-10cent. This trade , the buy started the rally to 6.50$ and his sell started this big selloff too coincidently too.

        Let's see if somebody comes back and bets big pm nov calls expecting obvious something.

        Also, zero chance the big buyer of the oct 6 calls last months was buying for the arbitration ruling - he didn't get it , sold the position for huge loss but let's see if he reloads in nov for what he expects IMO

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