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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 Oct 20, 2010 5:34 PM Flag

    Is this a try to Drive away Takeda??

    There is some amount of push is going on, to drive Takeda nuts and make them to opt out, and then AFFY either goes solo and later look for lucrative opportunity either on its own or a buyout by JNJ!

    Right now there is a HUGE issue going on,

    (a) There is more than 40-50 MLN coming to AFFY when they file for NDA
    (b) if Approved addl 50 MLN coming to AFFY. Moreover Takeda needs to spend time and money for filing for NDA.
    (c) In fact all the leg work has to be done by Takeda.

    Having spent around 300+ MLN, will Takeda will pay addl sums to file for NDA?? Is this going to be a Pennywise / pound foolish?

    Is Management really trying hard to chuck Takeda out, knowing its potential???

    Even the latest placement is nothing but a Trick to send a msg to Takeda, that they will go to any extent.

    Whole lot of thing going on, sort of maneuvring here, it is a matter of whether Takeda is going to continue supporting or will walk away??? Either way it is VERY POSITIVE FOR THE STOCK!!

    If they walk away, then the Management accomplished its Goal of driving the partner who spent close to 300 mln $ on this development. If they continue then AFFY rides on the back of Takeda!!

    Not much option left for Takeda, instead of Fence sitting here, ARLENE made it a point to TELL THEM STRAIGHT On their FACE!! It is now Takeda's turn!


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    • no I haven't sold yet, was planning to sell 1/2 at around 6.50 or so, and let the rest ride for awhile.

      All I am saying is we don't want a news like TAKEDA pulling out. It would be terrible for AFFY for at least short term. Investors would fled, anal-yst would downgrade, it would be just plain ugly.
      That being said I dont see how TAKEDA, after investing\spending 300+MILL would just 'walk away' regardless how badly AFFY wants them to do so. I wouldn't, or not without a fight. All IMO Arlene the bi-atch is panicking, having a pms, and making hot headed decisions. and the BOD are a bunch of pu$$y whipped weasels for letting her way.
      At this point I will be more than happy with 6.50

    • I might unload some at 6.50 range, but I'll keep 10 K till they file NDA!

      Look for Takeda's announcement anytime about their commitment or non-commital within the next few days.

      Arlene told them IN VERY STRONG TERMS it looks like!


    • i am still holding 15 k shares yesterday i sold 2 k shares ar 5,45 but bought back today at 5,20 beside the news we don't like i think this stock will move up from now i will keep trading 5k shares n hold the other 10k shares until the end either win or loose how about you i like to know your opinion too last time you said you are holding 14k shares thanks

    • did you sell already? For the 25 MLN o/s stock there should not be more than 200 K volume.

      I'm pretty sure, the BOD and Arlene are not fools, they are crooks.

      THey are plotting for a Takeda exit, so that they could reap a Huge windfall!

      Otherwise they want Takeda to commit, stil they will sell but NOT at a valuation they would expect otherwise!


    • the only positive which is borderline dellusional is takeda made an offer for 7.50$ and affy said no way and they had a huge fight and arlene said walk away we can raise money in the market and sold 1million to prove a point. however, by selling 1million in hurting investors and dragging down stock makes no sense regarding negotiating with affy? the only spin i have is somebody has been buying calls big in the stock the last 2 months and everybody has been quiet like they know something going on but retail investors have zero clue?

    • i hope you are right i am a little tired holding this stock while reading all the negative news every day

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      • First and foremost the stock fell from the cliff, when they announced the PH 3 results. they could have very well made it a point to tell the real info. But rather one of a MOST NEGATIVE PR ever.

        They did not do anything to PROP UP! After Takeda analyzed the data, they wanted to move fwd. Takeda knew what sort of data they are sitting with??

        Now this issue of Patent. The share PPS is primarily a confidence Barameter. But they made the PPS remains low. Why in the world they need money that too this urgent?

        There is something huge going on behind the scenes? I expect something very positive in the next few days. If Takeda is not going to leave, AFFY does not have an option except to take a low ball offer from JNJ and merge it with them.

        But any buyout or merger won't be less than 20-25 $ per share. If Takeda opts out, the value doubles from here.

        Let us wait and see!

        GLTA LONGS!

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