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  • ur_worstnitemar ur_worstnitemar Mar 28, 2012 12:51 AM Flag

    Reality check next few days (longs only)

    OK been long since late December and must say I'm a little frustrated right now, need a peep talk, went through a lot of up's & downs with "AFFY" but hung in their keep all my money on the table risking denial only to for a let down. I'm almost ready to throw in the towel. Please tell me we will not end up like "DSCO"

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    • Good question. It certainly is frustrating to say the least!

      This look like a classic head fake by the big boys in order to accumulate shares cheaper after approval and go long. Cramer explained how he and his colleagues do this. The little guys are going to sell out of frustration and fear.

    • This is a buying opportunity....I don't see it crossing the T-Line (8EMA) and should start moving up from there. With this new product approval, AFFY has received significant and very positive news, so today pretty much a shake out day, profit taking, and consolidation.....walk away and play some golf!

    • I moved profits to PLX. I sold my Affy at 14.15. PLX has an entire plant based spectrum to treat rare diseases (vs protein based). Their PDUFA date is 5/1. Better run up odds than Affy!

    • Yes, it will end up like DSCO. AFFY management screwed it up the same as DSCO management by announcing warrant at lower prices. In affy's case was about $11. AFFY will go down to that price either this week or next and if I am mistaken I will come and apologize, but this is my opinion and my predictions.

      I believe after it gets to that price they will announce their secondary offering which will kill the stock more.

      MAPP's rejection was more safe to play than AFFY's approval. I know it's hard to believe but can do nothing about it now. I got out with my profits this morning. This is stock is the most manipulated stock and nothing will help it to go up.

      We are almost two hours in trading session and the stock has no sign of recovering. AFFY is a dead stock for the time being.

    • Will hold at least 6 months

    • I am an AFFY fan as well. But I don't trade against the market sentiment.

      Trade it like you stole it.

    • Will up soon! Big market for this!!

    • So, I am a long and short when appropriate.

      This is not DSCO. DSCO is hopeless. Market is too small.

      AFFY has real potential and will show profits in a year or so. In the meantime, it looks like the price of this stock will pull back as the volume dries up, etc. People were expecting a approval and they got it. Now the traders are all moving on (and there are a lot of them). This could go under $12 in the short term pretty easily. As positive sales numbers come out, it will reverse.

      DSCO will never reverse unless a miracle happens (like some idiot buys them outright).

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      • Actually, there are no need for AFFY to show
        positive sales. She already won permission to
        take market share off AMGN monopoly.
        This alone makes AFFY at least $750M company
        for potential buyer.
        Even for Roche , who does not need peg at all,
        but with AFFY in a pocket they can start their presence in US market right now. So we have a real deal without even need to sale a single dose of omontys.

        This is not priced in yet, despite what analysts saying.
        Believe me institutions will listen to them and will step in.

      • if you are already up 200 percent you would be an idiot not to sell. i have been trading biotechs for 10 years and i can promise you, this will be 10 dollars or lower in the next week. you NEVER hold a biotech after approval. if you really believe its a good investment, at the very least(and i think its a stupid idea but) at the very least wait till the run up people sell and you can buy in at least 25 percent less in a week. i wouldnt buy it at all because there is certain dilution now and no more catalyst and risk of company not meeting goals(why risk it you have 200 percent return in 6 you believe that you wont be able to find another double bagger biotech? they are a dime a dozen but do me a favor, look up all fda approvals on companies with mk of around 500 million and yo will see that there are zero that are higher the months following approval. their best time to sell was on or before approval 100 percent of the time. these people who are calling for over 20 a share are either stupid of shorts looking to sell more shares.

    • Now that FDA has added clarity, this goes straight in to the hands of Wall Street. Looking at all the upgrades and raised price targets yesterday and today, Wall Street seems to be smiling at this stock.

      Watch the activities in the charts and average volume will slowly increase in the coming days.

    • Buy ratings, upgrades, hugely marketable drug, quick runup/profit taking, 50 million from Takeda, $700 million projected market, small cap corp,. When the New York Times does a piece on it, take a deep breath and realize the market doesn't always do what you want when you want it. But Affy will fill the gap to the mid twenties in the next 90 days max, I'm hoping in 30 days but I can be patient.

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