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  • longfcel longfcel Oct 16, 2012 5:26 PM Flag

    @Eurotyle: about fiscal cliff....

    This MB's new style is wrong... can't reply correctly after some numbers of levels.

    Anyway, absolutely not boring your last message. Xpecially the HFTS.... did you really write programs for those beasts? Oh my!

    I have no such fascinating story to tell.
    I'm 37, married, 2 kids.
    I'm broking my back since I was 22 (print attendant at shetfed presses)..... 3/4 years ago I was sucked into this mad world (markets).... lost a lot of money..... recovered, made more.... and that's it.

    I put some gambles primarly on Biostocks.... most avoiding key moments (approvals).
    I look at overall markets for trading..... I trade big $$ on sovereign debts (Italy multi year bonds called "BTP").
    I'm thinking the same on banks' stocks.
    They're on uptrend and they will for long time.
    I think the same about fiscal cliff..... that is: it's very unlikely if not impossible to happen!
    Anyway I mean that speculation will start somehow in november with the "boogeyman-cliff": THAT (speculation) will hurt, not the fiscal cliff itself, which won't happen (I think).

    I'm trying to write down a timing of happenings.
    I think... cashing out this/next week, waiting for december.... but it's not easy.

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