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  • longfcel longfcel Feb 14, 2013 12:54 PM Flag

    In CKD patients, Epogen = 5% adverse effects?

    (CKD patients, are Omonty's patients).

    From Epogen's "data sheet" (can't paste link):
    "Patients with CKD: Adverse reactions in ≥ 5% of Epogen-treated patients
    in clinical studies were hypertension, arthralgia, muscle spasm, pyrexia,
    dizziness, medical device malfunction, vascular occlusion, and upper
    respiratory tract infection (6.1)".

    Ok, don't call me pumper, not yet.
    Surely I'm missing something.
    That Epo's "5%"...... must be compared with Omonty's 1:1000?

    Again, What am I missing?
    (the above line, is taken from Epogen bottle... can't paste link).

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    • Only serious investors.
      - On EPOGEN papers: in CKD patients, I found a "5%" in adverse side effects. This is a 20-years-old data of course..... not an hidden data somebody found on the web.
      - today they told Omontys does have a 1:1000 adverse side effects (=0.1%).

      Now they said: "we pause pilot project to evaluate data.... both safety and efficacy".

      Then, they said: "every patients under Omonty can go on with therapy, because is DOING WELL".

      On Efficacy (no numbers given)---------- IT'S DOING WELL
      On Safety: adverse effects 5% (EPO) Vs 0.1%(Omonty).

      Is there something missing?

    • yep, this Omontys news (or non-news) was just a standard procedure thing, and will pop over $20 when there is further update on this. Every drug, to include aspirin (mentioned earlier) has potential non-life threatening side effects, like headache, nausea, skin rash, etc....I would not short this stock here.

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