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  • joefish123456 joefish123456 Mar 4, 2013 12:39 PM Flag

    bottom line is amgn

    kill more people then affymax these drugs are not a fix all for everybody but when you have to pick die today or live maybe for five more what do you do.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Here's my personal experience.
      After this Omonty's drama - and mind you!! This was my only +100% stake so didn't loose a cent - I completely lost respect and consideration for Biostocks.
      I was in 9 (nine) biostocks.
      After this ***0.02% thing*** I sold off 7 stocks..... both in loss and in gain.
      Said to myself: "This is only a dirty game. Here speculation is NOT the strongest force. Here old-players-mafia rules!".
      Useless thinking/hoping differently.

      So if you have a HUGE drug on a BioCompany, just HOLD in a buyout scenario.
      Forget the tale "... step by step.... month by month.... this ABC drug will sell big".
      The old time players won't allow this.

      Here's what's happening.
      AFFY will do a secondary.
      FDA will draw another trial.
      Mafia-player will buy it out at some point.
      But nobody ELSE will sell big this drug.

      AMRN is the next one.
      Unfortunately I realized only now.
      Lovaza's mafia is doing the same.... no decision on NCE.... so no partners.... this means itself BAD ADVERTISING.

      Bottomline: place your bets, but you can't win against old-time-players.

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