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  • thegreycorner thegreycorner Mar 16, 2013 9:45 AM Flag

    Old Monty is a killer. He must be put away forever.

    Don't overthink this. Old Monty killed non-dialysis patients but for some reason he was not put away forever. Instead he was let out into society by FDA. Most people did not want to associate with Old Monty but attractive and personable people told doctors that he should be given a chance with sickly dialysis patients because FDA said so. Fred Nius decided to give Old Monty a probationary period. But Old Monty showed his true makeup and unfortunately within minutes after meeting killer Old Monty, several unsuspecting patients were dead.

    Let's not overthink this folks. Old Monty needs to be put away forever. This would ordinarily be an easy decison for someone to make. Usually someone dumps a friend like Old Monty and never speaks to him again. But if he is your one and only friend in the world, I guess you hang on longer and try to tell yourself that a killer like Old Monty is really not that bad. You look for any reason at all to explain things. The victims themselves should have never been exposed to Old Monty. Old Monty met so many other people that he didn't kill, so he's not that bad. Old Monty is awesome because for most people he didn't kill them and so he is non-inferior to other people. You may blame the probation officer Fred Nius for giving Old Monty a chance.

    Society has an obligation to put Old Monty away for good. If you have seen Old Monty, do not try to get too close. Phone the FDA immediately. Thank you.

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    • GC and GWP always appear together. tell me you are not the same basher with two identities

    • Old Monty and Eppa, a stand up guy, had two girlfriends. The American beauty, Emmy Rald, said she felt just as safe with Old Monty as she did with her friend Eppa when she went to a bad neighborhood. Just as many of Emmy's acquaintances died and suffered as usual. Pearl said Old Monty's not the same as Eppa at all. As a matter of fact Pearl, quite bluntly, called Old Monty a killer and evil. When Pearl and Old Monty went out to a good neighborhood, Old Monty killed people and people suffered much more than when just Pearl and Eppa went to the same neighborhood. Since Pearl was a foreigner from the Old Country and had only been out to the better neighborhoods, folks here didn't listen to her. Just keep Old Monty in a worse neighborhood, they said, and things will go on just fine as they did with Eppa.

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      • Yes this is a sad story. Pearl was not taken seriously enogh to put Old Montey away. A lot of people who had already known one another and had social and busiess interests were tasked with figuring out if Old Monty was a straight out killer or whether the deaths that Pearl reported should be categorized as 'Unexplained' and treated as isolated incidences that would not be repeated 'in the real world'. These people said that because Old Monty did not show himself as a killer when out with Emma, he should not be considered a killer in general. He was only considered a killer in the good neighbohoods where Pearl lived with healthy people.

        One woman you forgot to mention is AnaPhylis. She was implicated along wiith Old Monty for the deaths witnessed by Fred Nius, which was quite a shock. It was a shock because (to my knowledge) her name was not mentioned in the deaths in Pear's neighborhood. Those Sudden Deaths were just unexplained. There were several people in Pear's neighborhood that did have a bad reaction to Old Monty but it was never clear (to me at least) whether AnaPhylis was ever known to be seen in Pearl's neighborhood. And if she was seen, was she ever implicated in the deaths? Maybe this should be reviwed again. It's probably not ideal that a lot of the investigation was done by the goofy business partner of Old Monty, named Laffymax.

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