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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak Mar 16, 2013 5:38 PM Flag

    Who is godwinpeak? Why do I even post.

    First, many if not most of the long posters (especially the paid ones), and perhaps others, will simply state who cares. I get it. Others however have gone so far as to say that I am paid to post what I do and that I am just TGC using a differently alias. They are wrong.

    I am not paid. I am not TGC. I have borrowed lots of LAFFY shares and have shorted them. I am sitting on a substantial six figure profit. While I was shorting LAFFY, I urged others on this board to do likewise. Most insulted me as they now do. I happened to be right about shorting LAFFY.

    Many call me an idiot, a greedy idiot, because I have not closed my short position. Believe me I would have liked to and nearly did so when LAFFY was below $2.50 share. I held tight because once I close my short LAFFY shares, I am precluded from shorting the stock again, and I think LAFFY is worth much less than that. I was trying to short like crazy when LAFFY approached $4 share to add to my position, but my orders were all rejected because there are no shares available to short. A short position in LAFFY stock is kind of like owning a 1957 Chevy in original showroom condition. Everyone wants that car, but there are none available.

    I have been a health care lawyer and hospital general counsel with over 30 years of practice. I have been trading stocks for about 20 years. I am now retired. I trade stocks and post on this board to occupy my time and to have some enjoyment. IMHO, O is a bad medicine that should never have been approved by the FDA in the first place when compared to industry standard E. All of the information is there for anybody with reasonable intelligence to understand how I derived that opinion. TGC, like I do, understands completely. I also like his humor, wit and message to others. I have always strived to help people and to do the right thing in my law practice. If I can help anybody avoid losing money on a long LAFFY position, then I sleep well.

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    • Since DYLN brought up the topic again.

    • YOU are a blowhard fraud. END OF STORY.

    • You seem to be so certain that Omontys and Affymax will fail and I don't see how you can be,.. just as AFFY investors cannot be certain of the end result. And if you are a professional, why do you think you should refer
      to the company as Laffy? It seems to me that you don't know any more than a shareholder informed of the facts involved.

      Also you say if you close out your short position you won't be able to short it again. Translation: You have a
      good profit and don't seem to care if you lose it.

      Just as an inexperienced investor doesn't have any real idea when to sell and take a good profit, the same goes for inexperienced shorts. I hope you just hold because it seems as though you need to learn a lesson.


      Sentiment: Hold

    • u are a laff a minute cover your short an get lost

    • You may be an attorney with a mission to help the "poor souls" from losing money....such a prince you are. I am a physician with over 35 years in clinical medicine and from my vantage point I would say that the circumstances surrounding the sudden adverse side effects from O seem certainly unusual--to be clustered temporally like this. In addition, allergens can be tested for and given only to those who do not exhibit problems of an anaphylactic nature. Lastly, one observation....if I was as fortunate as you have been re: being short the stock at much higher levels (15+) I would have counted my blessings and covered my short position. My particular long position had been instituted about $2.60 and I think that it is a very reasonable speculation that something positive will emerge.

      Sentiment: Buy

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