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  • thegreycorner thegreycorner Mar 17, 2013 10:39 PM Flag

    Predictions for Year End Earnings Report, Anyone?

    My prediction is that they steam right through 75 day SEC deadline without even issuing earnings or even a press release - and everyone on this message board tells eachother why this is so great.

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    • Who will go on record with a prediction?

      I predict that LAFFY will not face the music and will not host Q&A webcast which virtually always occurs. The fact they have not announced a webcast is a serious RED FLAG which I implore you guys not to ignore. Seriously.

    • Somebody please stop responding to this idiot. Put this lip singing wanna be on extinction.

    • How come all the big talkers are not willing to make predictions? If the Laffstock price goes up 50 cents then hundreds of lurkers pour out of the woodwork screaming about how right they were about everything. How about going on the record to show how smart you guys are about the (possible) upcoming earnings?

      So far the only big talker was the know-it-all who said that earnings date did not matter unless AFFY put the date on their web site. Haven't heard from that guy in a while.

    • it seems many are forgetting the earnings mean nothing at this point..and that this was a voluntary's about the findings of the investigation and getting back on the market...gotta sit tighteither shorts or longs will prevail..anyone still short from 16 or better is an idiot..and anyone shorting down here is taking a gamble as are we'll see when news comes which way it goes..

    • After careful consideration of all of the longs' postings, I predict the earnings report will:
      1. Pardon Old Montey and restore its civil rights.
      2. Convict Venofer for all past indictments of Old Montey.
      3. Announce that Amgen, Pfizer, Roche, Takeda, Baxter International, Johnson & Johnson, Glaxo-Smith Kline have all contacted the Affymax about a buyout and management is busily vetting competing bids.
      4. Contain a letter of apology from Fresenius for being critical of Old Montey, cancelling its supply contract for Epogen, proferring a fresh contract for Old Montey to be the sole anemia medication to be made available to its dialysis patients.
      5. Report a surprise resurgence in sales of Old Montey that surpasses even the giddiest of Wall Street projections.
      6. Report approval of Old Montey by the EMA.

      I think that about covers my predictions. But feel free to add the good news I have omitted. I hear rumors of lots of good news, but the above is all I can recall at this time. GWP

    • really whats wrong with u

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