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  • shabamoon shabamoon Mar 24, 2013 12:59 AM Flag

    Seems not wanting to hold over the weekend behind weak hands sell off on Friday.

    What continues to baffle and surprise me is this: why do so many people act as though they are morons with no brain of their own to be able to look at actual facts and figure and decide for themselves what is going on.

    What are the facts?

    1- over 25000 people benefited from using Omontys without any major issues
    2- only 3 people died from allergic reaction which is not considered a lot when you consider it was 3 out of 25000 ...This is actually even less than 0.02% reported by the incompetent management by exactly 40% and it is closer to 0.01% (the actual number is 0.012%.
    3-The recall was VOLUNARY, meaning the management did not have to do a recall..
    4- even that small number of deaths have not been shown to have been caused by Omontys and there is an investigation going on.
    5- even those small number of deaths could have been easily prevented with an small dose of epinephrine injection.
    6-all 3 deaths occurred with days in February and just before the recall while the same drug for the first 11 months of use and first 25000 patients had done perfectly fine hence raising the possibility that something or a new factor introduced in February was the culprit and not Omontys.

    7-the same incompetent management that recalled the drug so prematurely and agrees the investigation is still going on announced last week that they are concentrating on the investigation and in order to do so they needed to save cash and hence they were laying off nearly 3/4 of the employees which is after all their self-inflicted mess could be considered justified. But, to put attorney's involved in shareholder lawsuits on notice and also to force their Japanese partner to pay more towards investigation they uttered the BK word.

    8-Mnagement also made a point of stressing that there may be a buy-out or partnership on the horizon.

    No doubt Omontys will be back ...But is anyone surprised that stock is down so much after so many blunders by such an stupid and incompetent management?

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    • Bottom-line.... those that sold Friday worried about holding shares over the weekend because of bashers claim of bad news over the weekend may be sorely disappointed come Monday.

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      • Nice post, we will wake up to $10+ soon. Nothing makes sense and I am starting to think there is a "conspiracy" because they just signed a huge deal and would become extremely profitable. The way this all went down and the after affect from management doesn't make sense especially declaring possible BK? That really threw me and many others off.

        O will be back and stronger than before, these are very sick people and many factors that we don't know could have contributed. I still don't believe it was the drug.

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