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  • blueswanlisa blueswanlisa Mar 25, 2013 5:40 PM Flag

    0.02% death rate

    Percentage of dealth is not significant at all. But I think AFFY took an extreme measure which is good on PR standpoint. It was good for me nonetheless as short terms it allowed me to buy shares on the cheap: 50000 shares at 1.14. Long terms AFFY will be praised by the medical and patients that it is indeed a safe drug when it is reintroduced by my rough estimate whcih should be by the end of the year. Can you guess the share price then?

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    • What you don't understand is:
      -the drug will get back to market. 100% guarantee, because it works and well...... minimum % risks
      -problem will be marketing it after the bad advertising it's got
      That's why it will be sold/take over (positive from this point PPS)..... or AFFY will go BK if they go for a new trial a can't find new investors.
      In case they do a new safety trial and find a new investor, at this 1/2$ level there will be a huge diluition.... at least 50 Mil$..... that is more than 40/50% diluition.

      The drug is everything but dead. It will sell and big.... but in other's hands (bankrupt and sellof or buyout).
      Forget the chance of a return to market with a skin-stripe test.

      This is only for saying: *******DON'T RISK TOO MUCH********.
      1- BK... (40% chance)
      2- Buyout (what PPS and when?).... (40% chance)
      3- AFFY fixes all problems with a new safety trial..... strong diluition.....back to market in 2 years... (15% chance)
      4- back to market with minimum expenses and less than 6 months...(5% chance)

      Tomorrow, I'm buying back 2k shares...... total risk.for #1

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