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  • chaister99 chaister99 Mar 28, 2013 11:12 PM Flag

    Thank You Very Much.

    That is like Gatsby and his Old Sport expression (almost).

    90% of the stocks in the market are manipulated - in a rigged casino of sorts.
    Who benefits? Insiders and hedge funds...and those with non-public information.

    Are you now telling us that you have access to "insider information" and that in summary:
    AFFY will halt trading and declare BK on Monday.

    Is that right? Whatever you say, I must tell you, I don't believe you for an instant. There
    have been dozens of claims so far on AFFY.

    But just for the record, I don;t want you to have any wiggle room, I want to put you on the spot -
    or shine a spotlight on you if you will, so for the record are you telling is you are insider
    with access to real hard information?

    I don't want you to speak metaphorically - I don;t want any hedging - or beating around the

    Of course I don;t believe a word - but if what you claim comes to pass you be assured that'i will
    pass our Yahoo name and a verbatim transcript of your postings to, you guessed it, the
    Securities and Exchange Commission.

    Thank you very much.

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    • Dude, do you really think you're going to get an answer you can trust? A lot of people make assumptions and state them as fact. My own belief (and I do want to emphasize that it is a belief) is that the company have put too much into this drug to just let it go. And the drug safely works for 99.98% of those who use it. That is a fact. SO, my belief, based on the facts I have read elsewhere, is that Omontys will be back on the market soon, and because Affymax did the right thing in recalling their product the FDA will work with them. Meanwhile it will be bouncy for a while, and that is to our advantage. You can make money out of a volatile stock. You can't make money by listening to noisy people on a Yahoo message board.

    • Are you talking to me chump? Get real. I have no inside information and I am not disturbed by your empty threats. I have used words like 'highly probable' and such as you well know. I notice that you did not have the integrity to reply to my exact post as it would make your baseless insinuations LAFFABLE.

      No chump, I do not have inside information. I merely observe the obvious circumstances and discern the truth. This is called Investing 101. You should learn how to do it. Good day to you. You are now officially on Ignore. Thank you so much for your baseless and LAFFABLE empty threats.

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