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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak Apr 4, 2013 6:32 PM Flag

    Greycorner Will Get a Laugh Out of Long Pumpers

    I agree with TheGreyCorner. It is amusing to watch the Longs celebrate over AFFY paying back its Lender. Somehow Longs think this is a surprise and somehow good news. They are joyous in their delusions of wealth from this losing proposition. It is sad to watch people lose their money. But it is also captivating to watch so many people in utter denial of reality and deluded by greed. I just hope those that are pumping AFFY are paid pumpers and not really investing in this stock. If they are real investors with real money on the line, then it is terribly sad.

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    • GW --

      You're right. I am observing and experiencing the emotions which you described. How can any lucid person view things? It' is truly sad if some investors are on the fence and are really swayed by the bombardment of the absolutely ridiculous rantings out there. I assume that nobody posting these desperate hopes really believes them. If so, then there is no financial hope for these poor people. I am amazed to see the way they seem convinced that the worst possible news can somehow mean something good for them. Again, I have to believe that they are not being truthful to themselves. But their posts are so convincing, I am really not sure if they believe their own rants. This is a large reason I keep watching.

      The ned game is near. I've started to transition my focus to other opportunities. I continue to like ARNA as they wil lunch their drug very soon. I also am loving the RGEN play. One of the few biotechs that is solid and nota ll speculative.


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